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Chavez Allen, The Jamaican Forex Trader creating a legacy of Abundance


Jamaica is renowned as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Featuring a warm climate, beautiful beaches and boasting the birthplace of greats such as Bob Marley and Usain Bolt, this small island has certainly made its mark on the map as the tourist jewel of the Caribbean. However, through the efforts and vision of another great personality, Jamaica will soon be known as the small island of the financially liberated and abundant.

No stranger to what it’s like to struggle, to have to build from the ground up and make something of yourself, Chavez Allen, more commonly known by his moniker ‘Pajama Billionaire’ on Instagram has been on a life-changing mission since his debut on social media. (Follow Pajama Billionaire here:

This Jamaican business mogul, investor, influencer, marketing guru, forex trader and visionary has commanded a tremendous social media following courtesy of a number of pursuits to provide the masses with the tools and opportunities to create abundance through financial literacy, financial freedom and self empowerment.

Having grown up with little to nothing and having to develop ways to earn an income to support himself and his family through the different stages of his life, Pajama Billionaire uses his experience over the years and his mastery of business and investing to help others achieve the success and fulfilment he has. This vision took the shape of Billionaires Academy, a financial education company which has since evolved into a movement equipping its family and community members with the tools and support necessary to create abundance in ALL areas of their lives.

While other businesses were thrashed by the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, Billionaires Academy mobilized and their vision of impacting 1000 lives exploded to a whopping 8000+ as more and more looked to the company for guidance on how to add an additional source of income while businesses were closing and jobs were being lost. Not only did the company efficiently accommodate this staggering increase in students and community members, they also rolled out the Billionaires Care initiative to give back to the community and support families during the pandemic.

Partnering with renowned Humanitarian and Philanthropist Donna Gowe and others, Pajama Billionaire and Billionaires Academy made it their mission to help thousands of families with essential food items, toiletries and more during the pandemic. Traveling to all corners of the island, families across Jamaica were gifted with colourful baskets and a heartwarming smile as members of the team mobilized to execute the vision. However, this did not mark the end of the giving spree for Pajama Billionaire and Billionaires Academy in 2020.

In one of the biggest events of the organization’s history, Pajama Billionaire and Billionaires Academy hosted a Benz Giveaway on Instagram Live where ONLY family members who’ve enrolled in the organization were given the opportunity to win a share of $400,000JMD or join the Billionaire Benz fleet with the gift of a Mercedes Benz CLA250. This gift was chosen because of its place in Pajama Billionaire’s life, being the symbol of his hard work, success and his ability to impact lives today. The event saw one of the most tremendous social media turnouts of the year and was a complete success as three cash prize winners were gifted $50,000JMD, $100,000JMD and $250,000JMD respectively and a Mercedes Benz CLA250. (View event here: (View Benz winner prize collection here: This event also saw the popularization of the hashtag ‘#WinnersWin’ which trended during and after the event on Twitter and Instagram.

Billionaires Academy has experienced the reviews and results it has because of its innovative and adaptive approach to the needs of its community members and the wider public. In 2020, Pajama Billionaire added the title of YouTuber to his roster, producing FREE video content on his YouTube channel for all to see. (View here: This content features helpful tips and information on financial literacy, living a more abundant life and features the ins and outs of his daily life. Featuring new business start-ups, forex chart breakdowns and funny, immersive videos, the average watcher can expect to be educated, enlightened or entertained at the end of a video.

Moving forward, Pajama Billionaire and Billionaires Academy aims to improve their products and services and one such instance is their recent release of the Billionaire Blueprint. The Billionaire Blueprint is a comprehensive guide to generating income, creating and investing in multiple streams of income, managing your income and wealth, evaluating and improving your relationships, creating Billionaire habits, cultivating a Billionaire’s mindset and living a more fulfilling life. This addition to the movement seeks to create a more holistic and fulfilled you, equipping you with the tools to create abundance and nurture growth in all areas of your life.

To this day, Pajama Billionaire continues to provide opportunities for those who are in need of financial liberation, empowerment and fulfillment. This young Jamaican has become synonymous with wealth creation, abundance and self-empowerment and Billionaires Academy stands as a symbol of his vision and what he has built. We can expect great things from Pajama Billionaire in the future as he continues to create opportunities not just for the small island of his birth, but the rest of the world.

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