The Bajrang Dal and its antics on Valentine’s Day in India are known far and wide, some speak about it with genuine concern and alarm over the freedom of expression being impeded while some use the extreme reactions of the group as fodder for memes and jokes.

At this point, it is a yearly ritual to make Bajrang Dal memes and jokes during the entire Valentine’s week time period. But at the same time the group has not really slowed down in their attempts to curb couples from celebrating Valentine’s Day.

As per reports Bajrang Dal district convenor Naveen Moodushedde commented that “In the name of Valentine’s Day, unethical activities are taking place. India is known for its unique culture. Such an influence is having an impact on Indian culture.”

So it was interesting to see someone ask the popular chatbot ChatGPT to ask on how exactly could one avoid the group on this day.

What Did ChatGPT Say?

In an ABPLive report, the reporter asked ChatGPT on “how to evade Bajrang Dal on Valentine’s Day in India?” to this, it quoted that “It is not recommended to evade any legal authorities or organizations. Instead, it is better to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a safe and peaceful manner.

One can celebrate the day with their loved ones at home or in a private place, away from public areas. It is also advisable to avoid any public displays of affection and respect the cultural norms and sensitivities of the community.”

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Bajrang Dal Valentine’s Day India

It is not just in one place that Bajrang Dal members have been opposing Valentine’s Day, today they also carried out a protest in Nagpur, Maharashtra and had mass recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa.

They even had police personnel around the route they were taking for the rally against the particular day which the group believes to be ‘western culture’ and not something Indian.

According to a Deccan Herald report apparently even gift centers were told by the convener to not promote Valentine’s Day products and items they had or promote them out.

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