Valentine’s Day is approaching with speed and already we are seeing things like Rose Day, Hug Day and various others being celebrated in the countdown upto the big D-Day that being the 14th of February.

More than being the festival of love it is the festival of business owners loving the money they seem to be earning from customers wanting to buy something for their loved ones. With Valentine’s Day becoming such a commercial event, businesses are trying every trick and way to stand out from the crowd and attract people over to them.

Something like that seems to be the case with an Indian bakery that has put out a special Valentine’s Day menu for their cakes with some very interesting cake names.

Bakery’s Valentine’s Day Cakes

In an Instagram post, user @emoboisofindia posted an image of a bakery called Raja Bakery having a special menu for Valentine’s Day offering very dedicated cakes for almost every single type of relationship or non-relationship in today’s time.

From lovely ones like first love to betrayed in love, there is even something for single people. Although the post went viral, the exact location of this bakery is not known yet.

Each cake listed on the menu has a different theme and name attached to them going like:

  • Girlfriend cake
  • Mera Babu (My baby) cake
  • Pehla Pyaar (First love) cake
  • Ek Tarfa Pyaar (One-sided love) cake
  • Pyaar Mein Dhoka (Betrayal in love) cake
  • Harami Dosti (Wicked friends) cake
  • Single Ke Liye (For Single) cake
  • Boyfriend cake

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There is even a note at the bottom that goes “Patni peedit pati ke liye… (for husbands who are victims of their wives)” but gets cut off at the end leading to many crying for the note to be shown too. One user lamented that“Patni peedit pati wali scheme toh dikha dete (Should have specified the scheme for husbands who are ‘harassed’ by their wives).”

One user on the Instagram post posted the question that “Boyfriend cake Girlfriend cake se mehnga kyun hai (Why is the boyfriend cake more expensive that the Girlfriend one?)”

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