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Chan-Yun Vietnam Happiness Cycle Enterprise Create Professional Funeral Services For Vietnam’s Funeral Culture Industry


Chan-Yun, one of the leading funeral service Corporation in Taiwan, has been diligently building a culturally civilized funeral industry in Taiwan for more than 20 years and  awarded many international quality standards certifications. Honoring the concept of “Go with the flow to show deep love”, Chan-Yun provides professional channel which integrated management technology and service capability to assists clients with solemn funeral ritual’s preparation for deceased loved ones.

Chan-Yun recently has been actively expanding its funeral services into markets outside of Twaiwan. Thanks to the meeting with Venerable Thich Thanh Phong through serendipity, a commissary of National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha and Chief of Finance Committee, Chan-Yun becomes the first to introduce professional funeral services into the Vietnamese market, thereby facilitates the establishment of Vietnam Happiness Cycle branch which has drawn greater attention from the government and local citizens.

During the time of learning Mandarin in Taiwan, the venerable Thich Thanh Phong learned and were deeply moved by the Taiwanese funeral culture on columbarium. Therefore, he had this idea to introduce funeral services into Vietnam market and got in touch with the funeral service giant. Later they see eye to eye after a few interactions with each other. Thus, Vietnam Happiness Cycle since then has become the first enterprise of columbarium’s blocker service chain to enter Vietnamese monasteries.

Located in district 2 of Ho Chi Minh city, Minh Dang Quang Buddhist Institute last year completed more than 5,000 solemn columbarium’s blockers in the Tu An pagoda to promote the Vietnamese Buddhist funeral rituals. Covering an area of 6 hectares, this district seems to be the new economic and administrative center of Saigon having access to the subway system urgently under construction across the street, ranges of luxury apartments, huge shopping malls and international schools for expats for the US, Australia, Japan, and Korea. The region has enormous potential for economic development and worthy of investment.

The cremation rate in recent years at Saigon has reached 90%. Furthermore, this funeral form and usage of columbarium’s blockers are gradually becoming a trend in the world. For that reason, the company has taken to Vietnam most of either the completed software or hardware from the Taiwan funeral management technologies and service capabilities. Although the business has not been operated for a long time, the funeral service has given rise to many inquiries about it from local people who arrived to experience the perfection of the service. Due to the Covid-19 and the pandemic prevention regulations stipulated by the City of Ho Chi Minh, the company assists visitors and clients in purchasing services, wholeheartedly to offer user-friendly and scientific services in the country. For instance, owing to limited number of participants during the ritual for the deceased, those who cannot be present can still experience the solemn, heartwarming and harmonic ceremony, the most important moments of life through photos and sync audio and video livestreaming, which is appreciated by the participants for what the service has offered to their deceased loved ones.

As what  Thich Thanh Phong, abbot of the Vinh Nghiem temple has expressed, “Many thanks for providing a solemn, sacred realm where our ancestors, loved ones and the elderly  can ascend to the world of Amitabha after passing away.” Abbot of Minh Dang Quang Buddhism Institute, venerable Thich Giac Toan feels the same way. Through the service, our deceased family members can rest in peace. In the future, the company will expand its funeral service to Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia and shoulder the mission of creating the most professional “funeral culture” in the world.


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