Yes, you read that right. Even in the 2nd decade of the 21st century, my college does not allow its students to use cellphones inside the college premises.

People studying in other colleges often ask me how I survive without using my phone. I simply tell them that I survive by breathing and cellphones are not required for that!

Honestly, life in college isn’t so bad without cell phones.

Here’s why:

More attention to lectures

It is possible to attend college lectures without cell phones!

As a blessing in disguise, without cellphones, we end up paying more attention to what the professor is saying instead of checking our inbox or scrolling through our news feed.

This became possible because we aren’t allowed to use cell phones.

Quality time with friends

The same holds true while hanging out with friends, inside the college campus.

Because we can’t use cellphones inside the college premise, we are able to spend quality time with our friends, rather than checking our phones every five minutes.

These days I’ve noticed that people, while hanging out with their friends or family, spend more time keeping a tab on their phones and other devices, instead of keeping a tab on their friends.

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No cellphone stratification

The brand and model of one’s cellphone has become the new status symbol, rather a new kind of class stratification in society.

The incidence of this kind of stratification amongst students, based on their cellphones is eliminated through the no-cellphone policy, and thus everyone stands on the same plane.


I think the best part of not being allowed to use my cellphone inside the college premises is simply that I have a reason to not use that device. It might sound weird but this is very relaxing.

As much as I hate to admit it, due to this no cellphone policy, the time spent in college is the most peaceful of the 24 hours of the day.


Sometimes we do use cellphones inside the college but it is not always possible, especially when the Principle or the Proctor is on a round. There are a few safe zones like the college canteen and parking lot where cellphones are allowed.

At times of crisis like this, going from one corner of the college to another in search of these safe zones, just to use one’s cellphone for the most minuscule of things has given us students many memories and these are the ones that we will cherish the most after graduating.

Because of the zero-tolerance policy for cellphone usage inside the college premises, my college’s no cellphone policy might come across as a rather strict policy at first, but it has made my college experience quite different from that of other college students.

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