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Celebrity Cyffa Leyenda Making SuperStar Moves Internationally


Write down your destiny in your own hands and delete it and write it again if you don’t like it. This is life’s powerful secret. We have such ability, such strength, that our future can be written or rewritten! What you need to talk about your life is what you want to do about it.

Today we will talk about a journey of a man who has written his own fate, who believed in himself and his abilities.

Cyffa was born in Lynchburg, Virginia, and moved to Beach, Virginia. The Virginia-Native was adopted into a rich, strict household at age 3. Cyffa Leyenda signed with Alisha “M’Jestie” Brooks (RIHANNA Pon De Replay’s Music Writer) & more, right out of high school.

Cyffa was cut from the label after a year and a half when M’Jestie thought he was going to be even larger. Cyffa meets a month later with Michael Copon in time force, also starring in scorpion king 2 & more, former Blue ranger. In Michael’s Vickie Jade music video, Walls, Cyffa was a street dancer.

Cyffa and Michael reconnect for the last time the next day, and Michael assures Cyffa that he sees something special about him, but won’t tell him what he sees because he wanted Cyffa to find out for himself his own path.

As Cyffa evolved, as a result of his parents’ demands, he was kicked out at 18. In 2015, Cyffa opened up at Shakas Live for Rah Digga, adding an immense amount of enthusiasm to the audience. Later that year, at S.O.B’s “Where Legends Are Made” in Manhattan, New York City, Cyffa played. This was free from the founder of the LiveWire Ent, paid trip, paid luxury accommodation, food served and backstage access.

This was the first time Cyffa had lived in NYC, and he lived like a star. 2018 On soundcloud and not to mention opening up for Megan Thy Stallion, Cyffa hit song ran 150k streams. The day of the broadcast, Cyffa drew 100k fans on his Instagram. Cyffa was able to visit Megan, take a photo and get in touch with her manager. In one of TEK’s featured music videos, 2019, Cyffa was a dancer.

With Dela Wesst “500k on Tik Tok” (Prod.YoungFrenchy808 & Its64boy) Published by Empire, also reposted by FAT JOE, Cyffa has recently released his latest single “Fineto”.

You have to trust in yourself and the ability to alter things in order to carve out your own future. All the time, we are changing; our feelings, attitudes, and behaviors help us grow and regress often. The confidence of an individual in their ability to ‘achieve’ their fate will decide how much commitment and work they bring into their goals. Others can see a person as ‘lucky’ without respecting all the time and effort they have put in to be successful. Someone could decide they’re unfortunate as a reason for giving up when they might also be good if they only made a tiny bit more effort.

The aim of Cyffa Leyenda in 2021 is to cross a million streams on Spotify and it has a roadmap to organically complete the task. Cyffa is concentrated and isn’t the sort to give up when it comes to music. Cyffa is like a bug because if he’s on one item he’s going to be featuring on another he can’t contain. In Cyffa’s life, continuity plays a big role. He believes that selling any little detail about his entertaining universe is the best way to survive. Cyffa will earn a plaque this year along with being Stackin ‘Up Entertainment’s A&R and Publicity Rep. For this lavish Libra, this year is a major year and he wants to be an army.

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