CBSE has made a lot of mistakes and created a lot of rules that have only made the lives of students even more difficult.

However, their latest policy change might just have a positive effect and could greatly help students who are struggling with college admissions.

As we all know, CBSE has had a moderation policy wherein they would give extra marks for the more difficult questions in school exams. But as per reports, this policy might soon be changed as it has been noticed that it directly results in an inflation of the class 12 board exam results which in turn makes the colleges raise their cut-offs.

And we all know how crazy the DU cut-offs have gotten with most of the big colleges having their first list firmly set at 99 and some even going to a full 100%.

Then again, why wouldn’t colleges raise it when the students themselves are practically scoring perfect marks.


What Is CBSE Doing In All This?

In a recent meeting with CBSE and Anil Swarup who is the School Education Secretary, the ever rising marks of class 12th students and how to stop it was discussed.

The govt. has noticed the pressure this inflation and the resulting high cut-offs create on the students and how even deserving candidates are not able to a seat in a good college due to this.

There was a time when CBSE would give extra marks in difficult subjects like physics and mathematics going as far as 10 or 15%.

This enhancement also created a stiff competition for the students and the whole system was extremely unfair. Because according to rules, the extra marks were capped at 95%, so a person who is scoring lower than that can be awarded extra marks, however, someone who is getting 95% would not be given the same luxury.

This put a low scoring person at the same level as a high scoring student, which in turn made it difficult during college admissions.

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However, while the moderation policy might be out, grace marks will still be given to students. Grace marks are given to students who just miss the passing mark narrowly.

Even in ‘grace marks’ the policy will be reviewed and limits will be set on how much can be given in the name of the policy and how these marks will be awarded.

Although it still remains to be seen how this will be implemented and how it will affect the student, here is hoping that the change is taken positively and finally the high cut-offs can be lowered.

Otherwise this year we just might see a cut-off of 110%.

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