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Captain America: The Winter Soldier- Intensely Invigorating.



Captain Steven Rogers A.K.A Captain America is back in action. Well this time its high stakes extremity you should expect. Fast paced action sequences, mind blowing twists and unbelievable cinematography is something interestingly noticeable in the film. With the winter soldier being a villain who has been groomed in the same manner as the cap (yes that’s what they call him now) it is an extreme face off with umpteen emotions filled. The emotion filled climax is something worth waiting for.


The bigger picture as a plot apart from the characterization, is that S.H.I.E.L.D. now showcases a new phase which is an absolute bewilderment. Well it can be precise to say that it’s establishing a “New world order”. The destroyed phenomenon in the prequel to this series i.e. HYDRA takes a new phase and re-establishes itself in the 21st century with advanced technology. Captain America along with Agent Romanoff and Falcon team up to save the world whilst Nick Fury showcases his other eye. But this time it’s not just a villain they’re against but the very organization that groomed them.


At a certain point while you watch you might feel cheated about everything that has been said and done until now. There are moments when you would feel deceitful and utterly guilty for everything you have supported until now. Until the trio come to the rescue. For the very first time S.H.I.E.L.D. is shown with negative shades which though doesn’t prolong for a long period but as long as it does you would grow nuts. You would rediscover a lot of undeniable secrets of S.H.I.E.L.D. that required explanation and it is given just the right manner.

The action sequences has practically been marvelous. The winter soldier whose identity when revealed makes to catch your breath and takes a few seconds for you to register what’s actually going on. Nick Fury plays a Pivotal role more than the usual. For moments his absence from the screen makes you see the whole plot fading away into darkness. But the way it’s pulled back is incredibly intelligent.

With the climax of this film falling right into the plot of Age of Ultron it’s very much necessary you don’t move away from your seats even when you feel the credit rolls have finished. The after credits leave a very intense cliff hanger that all the more enhances the mesmerizing two and a half hours you spent in the theatre.

Lastly to be said Captain America: The Winter Soldier is an intensely invigorating experience and a must watch for all the Marvel fans out there.


Caution: If you haven’t watched all the prequels, then half the plot wouldn’t make much sense to you.



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