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A call that can take away your life!


Mobile phones can kill.

Yes boss. Mobile phones can kill.

The increasing number of accidents and deaths due to the use of mobile phones while driving rings an alarm bell in our minds where we need to think how dangerous can the consequences of a small mistake be. It is a very common scenario to witness people talking on the phone or texting while driving. We often ignore such things and get busy with our own lives without giving the situation a second thought. Had an individual reflected on this and made the other person realize his/her mistake, there would have been a chance to avoid an accident or someone’s death. The traffic rules should be strictly followed; be it wearing a helmet while riding a two wheeler; using the seat belt;  not talking on the phone or jumping any traffic signals; keeping the guidelines of the zebra crossing in mind.

Where talking on the phone  is some fashion trend for the majority, a very few understand the seriousness of the issue. The same majority neglects the traffic laws and deal with it with a ‘Whatever’ kind. Even though some reflect on how risky it is to talk on the cell phones while driving , they always have a fear of missing out on some important phone call. It is only after suffering, seeing someone else suffer, do people understand the importance of life. The question is, ” Why so late ?”

“Is it necessary to die first to make someone understand the value of life?”

Even though the police officials (traffic constables) issue ‘challans’ to people who violate the traffic rules , it becomes easy for a lot of people to get away easily. To some, paying the challan money becomes a matter of pride, where they just pay money to cover up the laws they break. It becomes our duty to understand and follow the rules while we are on the road because it is about everyone’s safety and not just ours.

After some research work we learnt that there are two types of challan; one where the head constable can issue a challan and the further proceeding takes place in the court and the other where the officer senior to the head constable (Sub Inspector and above) can fine upto Rs 500 on the spot. The main thing which we need to learn is about the value of life and not just money. Talking on the phone distracts a person the the core and to make  sure that nobody escapes punishment CCTV cameras have been installed at all the major crossings and red light signals.

If the officials are doing their duty then why can’t we?



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