Breast milk banks is a new concept in an already existing blood bank culture. The idea is to collect breast milk from lactating mothers in order to provide it to babies in need.

Now, it’s a scientifically proven fact that breast milk works better for infants than artificial pasteurised milk or cow/buffalo milk. In many cases, breast milk banks have proven to be life saviours for ailing babies.

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Here’s a short video about breast milk banks and the booming culture where India seems to be winning:

Impressive, ain’t it?

It’s quite progressive to see that women are coming forward to donate their breast milk. A remarkable example of breaking taboos.

For all the women who have donated milk to breast milk banks, more power to you. For all others who think it’s stupid, please try explaining that to parents who see their infant suffering everyday because of lack of nutrition.

If a little effort can save a little life, why not be a part of it?

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