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Paradoxes are primarily an interesting concept because they reflect a defect in our basic convictions that has to be tackled. And in the event of a legitimate paradox, there may be a deep presupposition that feels quite logically plausible, that must be abandoned if the discrepancy needs to be kept at arm’s length. 

Paradox- An ‘Incredible’ phenomenon? 

Do you remember Syndrome? From the film The Incredibles, remember the narcissistic villain who was turned down by his favorite superhero to be his protege?

He goes on to make an interesting comment which can be cited as an example of a paradox. 

syndrome from The Incredibles

He says “when everyone’s super, no one will be”. 

This makes us wonder what that could possibly mean. We have a mental image of a superhero in our minds. We attribute certain characteristics to them. But would we call one a superhero with the same preconceived nature of characteristics, when everybody else gets them too? Who remains ‘super’, then? 

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How Relevant Are Paradoxes In Our Lives?

An interesting example of a paradox is the Ship of Theseus paradox, which became widely popular after its use in the Marvel Show, Wanda Vision. 

The Ship Of Theseus

Theseus was a mythological ruler and Athens’ hero. He spent a great deal of time sailing, and his renowned ship was eventually preserved as a sort of commemorative piece in an Athenian harbor.

The ship’s wood began to corrode in several areas as time passed. One by one, the wooden pieces were replaced. As time passed, more and more parts needed to be substituted, until all the parts were new. The question that arose next is whether that ship can be referred to as Theseus’ ship anymore.

Does The Ship Of Theseus Sail? 

This paradox is particularly relevant to the life of young people and teen and adult literature of our time, for the question it represents is with respect to the nature of identity. This could be considered personal identity as well. 

With the passage of time, the concept of gender identity has become dynamic. One may feel like they have completely changed as a person, as their unique individual experiences shape their personality and modify their preferences with time.

They may feel that they don’t feel like the person that they started off as, anymore. This is where the Theseus paradox seems very relatable. Can the ship of Theseus actually sail in the same manner anymore, after having it rebuilt completely?

In any case, this might succeed in providing you with an understanding of why paradoxes are fascinating and relevant to some people. You’re trapped in this absurdity, which appears to somehow be constructed by appropriate argumentation premises, and something instinctive would most certainly be forsaken to overcome the dilemma.

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