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It’s time for a rant, seems it has been a long time coming almost. I know a lot of what I have to rant is not logical in many ways, but thats the point of a ramble or a rant, it doesn’t always have to have the support of logic.

The topic I want to ramble on this Sunday morning is the overdose of news channels on my television or social media reporting about every single variant, collaboration, whatever of the COVID-19 disease.

I know… I know, that all this information is very important to us citizens only. Since it’s this that will make us more knowledgeable and help to fight the pandemic and get back to some semblance of normalcy. It is also important for our health itself, for us to be aware of any new variants, how they are spreading, what they are all about and how to stay safe from them.

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But at the same time, anytime things seem to be getting better or under control, a new variant or combination of COVID with some diseases pops up, like Delmicron, Florona, Deltacron which was just Delmicron itself only renamed?!

The news channels in the midst of all this are bombarding us with news reports, live reports and so much more about all these news variants. For some time there literally any time I opened the news section on the TV or social media this was all I was seeing.

While I acknowledge the importance of the information at the same time I many times wish that news channels would just shut up about every new COVID variant, etc.

In an unfunny way feels like that time of endless Old Town Road remixes, where every other day some new collab was being done with the song and it was all we were seeing over our social media.

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