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The most important thing in today’s world is voice. Developing one’s voice is a characteristic of a great human and a citizen of the country. 

Not raising a voice against injustice is tantamount to committing a crime. But I believe otherwise. I feel raising voices might be counted as noble, but the owner of that noble deed does not really end up in a noble position. 

silence over raising a voice

Silence, on the other hand, is said to be a characteristic of the weak. The people who don’t raise a voice usually take a backseat when there’s an issue catching heat. 

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Friends To All and Enemies To None

Silence helps one to keep up with all the atrocities and come out unharmed. As silence denotes neither agreement nor disagreement, there is no chance of having a difference of opinion, and that would have you safe from any extremities of raising a voice and losing friends. So, everyone ignores you as you’re harmless, therefore no enemies.

Keeps You Out Of Others’ Mess

Raising a voice will lead to a change of status quo, and that will disturb the order of society, eventually leading to a mess. Keeping silent helps the voiceless to stay in order and function in a conditioned way of life. The crisis is not mine so why shuffle my life?

No Victimisation

We’ve seen people who raise a voice, and then the victim succumbs to pressure and eventually backs out. The people raising their voices become victims, in turn. Keeping silent is the only way to help us not become victims of voice. 

Silence is precious and should be used much more. The world would be such a better place without the stampede of voices crushing each other and increasing complexity. Close your eyes, sew your mouth, and get going. Just tolerate the torment and let go. But the primary question arises- What if nobody raises a voice when you’re tormented?

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