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When I was little and going out with friends wasn’t all the rage, my mom and I would go watch movies every Saturday. I don’t remember that we ever checked out the trailer or even the teaser of the movie, we just went.

I was five years old when my mom started this tradition. It had been a few months since my brother had graced us with his annoying presence and she could sense that I felt a bit neglected. So every Saturday, he would be packed off to my grandmother’s house and mom and I would go check out the latest movie which had been released.

Why I Love Bollywood

I believe that most Bollywood movies back then lacked nuance. In my personal opinion, every mainstream Bollywood aimed to exaggerate whatever they were portraying tenfold. There was a lack of subtlety.

The male lead would go to any extent to prove his lady love that he was worthy of her. Villains were villains just for the sake of it; they lacked an origin story and often their willingness to destroy the world did not make sense.

There was a lot of build-up due to misunderstandings and miscommunication for the joke to pay off at the very end of the movie. Some people may find it frustrating, but I really admire the dedication and self-belief of the people who wrote such complicated scripts.

I also love that there are so many dance numbers in a Bollywood movie. One of my fondest childhood memories is watching these songs on TV with my brother and trying to ape the hook step. More often than not, we were unable to, but there was guaranteed laughter.

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It’s A Tradition

Those three hours was the highlight of my week. I was a quiet kid and I was just content to spend some time with my mom. I recently got to know that those three hours were an escape for her, too.

The pandemic closed down the movie theatres, but watching old movies with my family at home took us back to a time when things were all right. It also got us through tough times. Every fight, every stern glance, every rude behavior was forgotten when we took a step back to focus on the characters on screen rather than on ourselves.

Now that the world has gotten back to normal (more or less), I am excited to resume my movie outings. Do you have special memories related to Bollywood? Do share in the comment section!

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