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Coincidentally, both Holi and Women’s day fell on the same date this year. While Holi is a festival of colors that fills our lives up with positivity, women’s day is a reminder that even in the 20th century, that empowerment for women is on cards, but still, a long way to go.

Both occasions falling on the same day is an irony because women’s day is the celebration of empowerment and on Holi, a few people don’t leave any stone unturned to touch women forcefully and harass them in the name of “bura na mano Holi hai”. 

You may go out and talk to any girl in India and ask them about their Holi experience, you’ll surely hear one incident from each woman of being harassed on Holi. This isn’t alien and has happened to almost every woman. 

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A sheer example of the same is that on 8th March, when the nation was celebrating Holi and women’s day together, a Japanese woman was harassed publicly by a group of men. They touched her face forcefully and applied color on her face, neck, and hair. 

A Japanese women harassed on Holi

This incident caught the attention of many, however, unfortunately, no action has been taken against the people who were involved in the incident. 

Not just this incident, but I am sure a lot of women might have been touched inappropriately at the festivals or might have been “attacked” with water balloons because seeing someone suffer gives sadistic pleasure to others. 

Falling of both the occasions on the same date is an irony and I strongly wish that we don’t get to witness this ever again because I know that women will never be safe on such occasions and it will be bold of us to think otherwise. 

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