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Did you all know by any chance that you must listen to Nirvana, Linkin Park, Guns N’ Roses, Queen, Green Day if you have to be a hip? There’s just no other option.

And also if you listen to Bohemian Rhapsody for breakfast, Sweet Child O’ Mine for lunch and Rap God for dinner, congratulations, because you, my sir, are a cool-evolved-individual™.

And God forbid if you listen to and enjoy mainstream music. I mean Selena Gomez, One Direction, Justin Bieber are obviously, obviously trash and if you like them, then naturally, you must be trash too.

So ladies and gents, after the infamous fat shaming, slut shaming, and vegan shaming, let me introduce you to a concept called music shaming too.

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You like Rihanna? Amazing. J.Cole? Fantastic. Some hipster, kitschy band no one’s probably never heard of? Well, that’s bloody great, too.

We’re all very different people. We are all people who like two different things and naturally, we are all people who like different music too. Just because someone likes a genre that you don’t, doesn’t make it ‘uncool’ or ‘wrong’.

I mean can we not snort in disgust when people say they like Pop, EDM or Country music? When you sit down, apply some logic and think about it like a normal, sane headed person, the concept of music shaming sounds so bloody elitist and frankly, so ridiculous.

Expand your range of music, don’t shit on a genre or an artist. You are better than that. Don’t act too good for things you don’t like, learn to accept and move on.

And also let me just put it out there, I enjoy mainstream music. It’s LITERALLY created to be enjoyable. No friggin big deal.

I don’t owe you any explanation if I like singing to the tune of Rihanna’s Work while I cry over the amount of work I have got to do over the weekend. I also sing along and air guitar to Don Felder and Joe Walsh’s guitar solo in Hotel California, for which again, I don’t owe you any explanation.

I don’t listen to music to please you. Quite a shocker, I know.

You can enjoy your folk, rock, alternative and heavy metal. I appreciate it, and in fact, send me some. Maybe I’ll like it too. (spoiler alert: I do.) But don’t shame people for liking the music they like.

No one ever likes a snob. No one ever likes a music snob ESPECIALLY. So for God’s sake, don’t be one.

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