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Hey, we’re back.

How’s your morning going? Mine? Well, not so good.

Whenever I end up sleeping late after watching a chick flick/rom-com, following morning is often sad.

Truth has been spoken!

The thing about such movies is that they give you too much hope. They make you believe in ‘happy endings’. Real-world does not function like this.

The point where in chick flicks, the lead guy comes and apologises for every wrong ever doesn’t really happen in real life. Not to mention the fact that you can’t just sit and wait for it to happen for years and years!

This expression exactly!

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On a side note, is it just me or grand af gestures that ‘boyfriends do for girlfriends’ in rom-coms are actually creepy in real life?

Coming back to how these movies sell unrealistic expectations, have you ever watched a chick flick wherein the lead woman doesn’t get her prince charming? And oh, she can be perfect at what she does but her life is incomplete without that one guy!

It’s funny that chick flicks target the emotional and vulnerable side of women and in fact, get away with it.

chick flicks
*rolls eyes*

For some women, such movies have set standards so high that only a real-life Channing Tatum or Ryan Reynolds can meet such standards.

AND AND AND urghh, can someone just tell these movie makers that a relationship is more than just declaring your love for someone? Stop giving us the hope of ‘everything is going to be alright’ once you tell your significant other about how you feel!!

Basically, rom-coms are unrealistic af and give everyone a bubble of hope which the reality pops every day. It’s about time we realize this.

Well, I can rant about this forever but my coffee and ‘No reservations’ await me.

Overcoming the sadness brought in life by a rom-com, by watching another rom-com. It’s a trap you see!

See you next Sunday with a fresh rant, tada!

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