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It’s a regular Sunday morning and after 100th time of observing something, I feel I need to voice my observation.

So, whenever I scroll through my social media accounts, I find so many of my mutual friends and acquaintances post about how they want to take up new age digital jobs like blogging, youtubing and digital influencing.

While I understand that digital media and internet has opened a brand new genre of jobs but what most people don’t understand is how the glamour of these jobs are brainwashing us millennials.

Every second person my age wants to be a gamer, influencer or youtuber without realising that just like any other regular jobs, these jobs also require certain skill sets.

new age digital jobs

You can’t wake up on a one fine morning and start being a digital influencer just by posting pictures on your social media without thinking about the technical or business part of it!

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We millennials have grown up watching these youtubers and travellers and we think everything comes easy to them and hence we also want to get into this field.

What we don’t realise is that when our favourite digital superheroes started their channels they had a natural advantage of having lesser competition in the field. In today’s time, you just can’t wake up, make trash videos and expect them to fly.

So many people want to join these new age digital jobs that the regular mainstream jobs are seeing lesser millennials. Say, judiciary or doctors for instance!

The internet is giving us false glam images of the industry and we’re buying it without thinking about it practically. It’s about time we realise it.

Watch this space for some more rant next week and oh, don’t forget to comment below on what you think about this issue.

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