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PUBG undisputedly emerged as the most popular multiplayer game in 2018, it made $1 Billion in revenues the same year! People of all ages have taken it up as an addiction, fanatical is probably the best adjective to describe their devotion to the game.

As an outsider who doesn’t play the game, I don’t get why people are addicted to PUBG, or as a matter of fact to any such game.

I believe in utilitarianism, i.e. in maximization of utility, so l see some possible benefits that come with playing the game –

PUBG is a multiplayer game with an added feature of voice chat, so it probably teaches teamwork and coordination.

Being a survival game it probably preaches ‘survival of the fittest’ as well, this makes the player think and strategise in order to survive.

Probably pleasure hormones like dopamine are released after winning a match.

And this is where its productivity ends.

Unless one is a professional gamer or aspires to become one, I don’t see why anyone should spend more than their leisure time in a video game. And if utility really diminishes over time, then after some hours of playing, its attractiveness should have diminished.

But no, gamers play it as if there’s no tomorrow!

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I see people from the age of 12 to 32, spending hours and hours on this game, shouting at their microphone to reach a particular place; while in reality, they might not have moved from their place the whole day. It is just irritating to see people wasting their productive time on meaningless things like this (including social media) beyond their recreational time.

The fact that they choose to play a virtual game overdoing their tangible, real-life responsibilities really ticks me off. It was better when I was a pre-teen when people used to play real sports and sweat; at least it led to the development of muscles and sportsmanship.

Some would say being a girl such thoughts are obvious and I am male shaming, but it is far from true. I know girls who play PUBG like any other guy you’d know and trust me, the addiction is universal. Us millennials need to get our priorities sorted.

I don’t intend to be a very grim and gloomy person nor do I hold any grudges against PUBG. Leisure is important in order to be productive. But when things meant for recreational purposes consume more time than it was supposed to, then it is just wasting one’s own time.

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