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It feels like yesterday when I saw a cool teenage girl on TV wearing a little red dress, dancing to something that sounded like the remake of the popular 90’s song “Disco Deewane”.

The song as you might have certainly realized was a part of the Bollywood movie “Student Of The Year” and the teenage girl was none other than Alia Bhatt. This younger daughter of Mahesh Bhatt (as I later learnt) soon became the talk of the town along with Siddharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan, her co-stars in her debut.

Apart from being a topic of discussion for every cool kid at school (I wasn’t one of them initially) this Golden Trio was spotted in almost every TV commercial targeting the youth, right from Bourbon to Coca-Cola.

These newcomers were as good as the new face of the youth who marked the beginning of an entirely new age in Bollywood. Every high school girl (including me) crushed on the two boys and considered Alia as their fashion icon.

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Even though they slowly parted ways, their “image” remained almost similar. Time passed but Alia especially didn’t look a day older. From Garnier to Maybelline, from Perk to Cornetto, she was a common sight in newspapers, magazines and TV commercials, endorsing almost every popular youth centric brand.

Eventually with time people started disliking her – some found her dumb, some unattractive. But I found her adorable! There was something really special about her baby face which made her stand out (in terms of looks).

But whether you liked her or not, it was certain that she did grab the headlines and she is doing so even today, but this time for an entirely different reason: getting married to Ranbir Kapoor and becoming pregnant!

My initial reaction to this news was, “How old is she again?” It was then that I realised that the day which seems like yesterday was actually 10 years ago! The year was 2012. She was 19, I am 21. I felt old.

I don’t know about anyone else but Alia Bhatt’s marriage and especially pregnancy made me realise how fast time flies. Maturity hits hard when your beloved baby faced teenage actress starts welcoming her own baby! (I wonder how her baby face is still intact!)

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