Several questions are now being raised over a technical glitch at HDFC Bank, which reportedly led to several of its customers becoming millionaires – at least for a few hours. The incident happened on Sunday when a few HDFC Bank customers in Chennai surprisingly found lakhs and crores deposited in their bank accounts.

The issue soon found its way to social media and people asked how would the affected customers explain to the Income Tax Department about the sudden rise in transactions into their bank accounts.

A huge sum of money was deposited into the accounts of several people while 100 accounts linked to the T Nagar branch reported the issue. Some accounts were even credited with an amount as huge as Rs. 13 crores.

A Twitter user said, “Some Chennai HDFC Bank customers turn into crorepati suddenly. If it only was so easy. HDFC Bank glitches continue, depositing crores into accounts. What will these guys answer about IT?”

Another user tweeted that the balance in his wife’s account increased by 1.23 crore on Sunday morning and at noon the balance vanished.

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HDFC said that the issue was confined to only a few accounts linked to bank branches in Chennai and was a result of a software patch malfunctioning early that Sunday.

After the issue came to light, the bank immediately suspended transactions from those accounts. It has launched a probe to ascertain whether any excess money deposited wrongly in any of the accounts has been withdrawn.

An account holder, whose real identity was not disclosed in the report, said he found a whopping ₹ 2.2 crore in his bank account when he used his debit card to pay for fuel and was immediately contacted by bank officials and his account was frozen.

The issue was resolved by Sunday evening and the accounts that were frozen have been released for transactions, as per sources close to the Bank.

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