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Struggles against injustices often give rise to various ingenious ways to fight it and in the process, we all are tied together through a strong shared thread of common humanity, benevolence, and tranquility.

K-pop stans too supported the Black Lives Matter movement and fought against racism and ethnocentrism that still prevails in the 21st century!

Fans refuse to trend hashtags to promote their favorite idols

K-pop stans have once again proved that they are called maestros of social media for a solid reason. They vigorously support their favorite idols by trending hashtags on their comebacks or when they bag a major endorsement deal.

But Blinks (fandom name of Blackpink) refused to trend a hashtag for the release of Sour Candy, a musical collaboration between pop singer Lady Gaga and K-pop titan Blackpink.

This shows Blinks were really respectful towards the Black Lives Matter Movement and knew it would be insensitive as well as offensive to take away the spotlight from protests that sparked from the murder of George Floyd, an African American who was suffocated to death by the police in yet another instance of police brutality against the black community.

Fans urging each other to stop trending hashtags to promote their favorite idol and being vocally anti-racist is really inspiring to see.

K-pop fans trend “White Lives Matter”

K-pop stans proved to be an unlikely ally of the black community when they hijacked #WhiteLivesMatter trend on Twitter to drown the white supremacist posts with anti-racism messages and often fancams of their favorite idols.

This movement garnered massive support as K-pop stans all over the world joined the trending party. However, it enraged some people as they failed to understand the real mission of K-pop stans and accused them of being racist.

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K-pop stars like BTS, Monsta X, and Yeri of Red Velvet grant support to BLM Movement

BTS joined K-pop boy bands Monsta X and Ateez by extending support to the Black Lives Matter movement by sharing a heartfelt message through their official Twitter handle.

Other K-pop artists like NCT 127’s Johnny, Yeri of Red Velvet, Eric Nam, and Jay Park granted public support to the anti-racism campaign.

Got7’s Mark Tuan also made donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund and the George Floyd Memorial Fund and Girls Generation’s Tiffany shared links of organizations for donations as well as publicly announced that she will contribute to the funds too.

GOT7 member Mark Tuan supports Black Lives Matter movement

Rapper CL of disbanded K-pop girl group 2NE1 wrote how directors, writers, artists, dancers, designers, stylists, and producers in K-Pop were inspired by black culture but very often did not acknowledge that. She knew that K-pop owes a lot of debt to indigenous black culture.

Fans followed the footsteps of their idols and denounced white supremacy in favor of equality and justice for all. They too made generous donations and asked their followers to do so as well.

Sometimes I do feel proud of being a part of K-pop fandom. We all got united to fight against systematic subjugation of the black community, irrespective of our nationality, religion, class or K-pop group fandom to which we belong!

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