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I am a young student and working woman. Working in the corporate world and seeing new people joining and leaving around me has made me understand one important thing- Millennials aren’t ready for the corporate world.

Most companies want young blood to join them because they are quick, eager to learn and the time spent on their training and skill development pays off for a longer time than for a normal, middle-aged worker.

Corporate jobs, in world-renowned multinational organizations and transnational firms, are the dream of several people.

However, on one end I say it’s everyone’s dream and on the other, I claim that the generation isn’t ready for it. How? Let me explain.

Young men and women want to work, definitely, but they are too sensitive for handling the pressure which is a part of the job description. If a firm pays their employee in lakhs, they expect impeccable and timely work in return and though overloading a person with work is cruel, expecting legitimate work tasks within a time limit is the bare minimum.

Not only in India but even abroad, people are expected to work without faltering and the pressure remains constant if work isn’t provided on time. They want good quality work and when companies hire, they don’t hire just one person, they hire a team. Working with a team comes with its own pros and cons, which include cut-throat competition amongst the co-workers.

Everyone wants to outdo the other in terms of performance and for doing it, one has to handle a lot of pressure. 

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Now, some must think it is unfair but so is life. Nothing comes for free and sometimes, even the best-performing people don’t get the deserving opportunities because that’s how life is. Once a person gets a good opportunity, they shouldn’t let it go to waste.

Pressure and stress, be it in terms of work or personal life, always remains a part of human life. One needs to learn how to handle it and draw the line when it gets excessive.

Perseverance is a virtue and this virtue needs to be solidly maintained by the young employees, for their career remains at stake when patience runs low.

Diligence and dedication is the key to success and to attain it, one mustn’t act over-sensitive regarding small issues and should work to get better results so one day, they can be their own boss and enjoy the joys of life.

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