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I still remember the time when I was scrolling through the cut-offs of Delhi University and as any usual Delhi kid, had all my eyes on Delhi University’s North Campus colleges. We all have heard from peers that Delhi University is the best, but why do we seem to downgrade the South Campus so much?

Possibly because the colleges are not over 100 years old or as everyone says ‘the premier colleges are those in the North Campus’.

It was disheartening taking admission in a South Campus College, thinking like it’s the end of the world. But after completing a year in Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, if one comes up and asks me to shift to a college in North Campus, I won’t even think about it for a second.

Probably the best bit of being a South Campus student is the fact that you don’t have to have the required 75% attendance which is usually the case in any North Campus college. I remember going to my college most of the time to chill with my friends and not attending any lectures.

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Yes, we do have Satya Niketan. North Campus people might boast of Hudson Lane but we have our own place to fulfill our hunger. GK, South Ex, Khan Market, Defense Colony, even Gurgaon. My college is within walking distance to Select City Walk and so near to Dlf Promenade. We’ve got it all.

The South Campus maintains its peaceful environment even throughout the student body elections, unlike the North Campus which is the centre of all the campaigns and rallies. With pamphlets and noise on the rise, it’s a pain to the eyes and ears. Whereas we at the other side, get the work done minus all the drama.

Satya Niketan is one of the most popular hangout places for DU students

People question the scope of college societies and extra-circular activities in the South Campus. But being a part of 4 societies in my college, I can very well say that it’s just a myth and our societies and extra-circulars are very well recognized and have won lots of laurels in the DU circuit in recent years.

Colleges such as LSR, DCAC, Venky and Shaheed Bhagat Singh College have gone ahead and challenged the premier colleges in the North Campus in terms of being academically rich.

Nonetheless, whichever college one goes to, you’ll eventually realize that every college is good in their own way and there is hardly any difference in different colleges of DU. After all your college is the best.

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