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I’ll be honest. My regular day these days is as interesting as most of the films these days. Yawn-inducing.

You see, that’s what happens when you’ve cleared your writing assignments and your interviews and all you can do is refresh your Gmail and make sure your phone is getting service.

I’m done with mine for the time being. And as I wait for my phone to ring (or email to buzz), all I have for company is my best friend. No, not a friend from school or university, No.

It’s Netflix.

Sound sad? Actually, it’s not. You see, all my human friends are busy with their work lives (as they should) while I usually spend my day eating cheese balls, Milk Bikis and a lot of junk food while I watch football. Who do I spend the most time with? The answer’s Netflix. From the moment I wake up, to the moment I fall asleep, whenever I’m not working and whenever I’m not out hanging out with real beings, Netflix is there for me. Ready to load in the corner of my screen.

Check out the shows I have finished over the past few weeks: Wild Wild Country (A brilliant documentary on Osho and his cult), Star Trek: Discovery, The Crown Season 2, The Tudors and doses of Riverdale and Designated Survivor are just the tip of the iceberg which is my viewing cycle. And you know what, it’s been effing enjoyable.

But, how much of Netflix is too much? Netflix and chill, right (no, not the euphemism). But, how much of chilling is too much? (again)

I dunno the answer to the question, to be honest. As someone who has made use of his Netflix subscription better than most for the past 2-3 years, I have never been apologetic about how long and exhausting and thoroughly entertaining my Netflix cycle is. Hours and days of dedication it may entail but, there hasn’t been a day when I have regretted having a subscription or having a daily notification of the newest shows online.

Is it too much, however? To be more precise, is Netflix distracting me from other avenues of life I may explore?

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Not in my case, no. Despite its omnipresence on my laptop and phone, I have never felt handicapped or burdened by the app. Never has it distracted me from finishing my assignments or work, hanging out with friends or even catching the latest Marvel movie in 3D.

You see, too much of any thing is a vice. Even if it’s something as thoroughly entertaining as Netflix. What matters is how you manage it. How one manages the pull, the sheer range of the shows and films on Netflix against all the other important stuff in life.

Netflix isn’t life.

It isn’t.

Not even if it has Scarlett Johannson’s voice guiding you.

What it is, however, is another one of man’s divine creations.

Use it right, and you’ll love it. Use it wrong or use it too much, it’s a distraction and a vice.

That’s the answer to the question.

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