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The Internet, like every other thing, has its own set of perils. It can be good, bad, or dark, solely depending on your preference. Whilst, as a society we are quick to jump on the internet hate-brigade wagon, blaming it for everything wrong in the world, we don’t count the internet’s contribution to making our lives more comfortable.

The Internet takes on a different meaning for different generations. For boomers, it is a strange place, which they navigate in the form of Facebook and Whatsapp. For Millennials and Gen Z, the internet is more like a friend, you know, the one which will always have your back.

Millennials v/s Boomers
Millennials v/s Boomers

I, just like many others of my generation, found solace on the internet. It was my only true friend in my teenage years. A friend, which never turned its back on me. 

Teenage can be a difficult phase in one’s life, be it physically, emotionally, or psychologically, there is a lot that goes on in the mind and the body of a teenager. 

Most teenagers tend to get awkward about themselves and more often than not parents only add fuel to that fire of awkwardness instead of easing it out. A result of what we know as the ‘generation gap’.

Hence, teenagers choose to seek comfort in their peers than in their parents but not everyone is lucky enough to have friends. 

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Internet: My Friend 

Until a few years ago, I did not know the difference between an acquaintance and a friend. The realization only dawned upon me when I sensed a pattern of toxicity in my friendships.

I felt misunderstood, judged, and misappropriated at most times. There was something amiss, though I did not know what exactly. 

It is only then, that I turned towards the internet. Say whatever you wish to say about the internet, but it helped me, and many others, to find a community of like-minded people on different social media platforms.

Social Media Platforms
Facets of Internet

Surprisingly, talking to strangers online was far easier. Talking to a bunch of girls from all over the world, who loved One Direction as much as I did growing up made me feel validated.

I got a sense of shared sisterhood from my online friends, who validated my feelings and experiences by either sharing similar instances or just by simply listening to them.

A Sense Of Sisterhood Online

The people I met online did not judge or shame or bully me instead they were there for me when no one else was, unlike the people in my proximity.

Internet: My Safe Space

Thus, the internet became this magical space, where I could express myself without the fear of getting judged. Some may call it ‘attention-seeking’ but it was not attention rather interaction that I sought out for, healthy interaction with like-minded people.

On the internet, I could express myself freely, openly and without any fear. It was the confidence that I got from here that helped me branch out offline later.

Validation Online
Internet Validated My Feelings

Learning And Unlearning Through Internet

In all honesty, I have learned more from the internet than from any other place. From life-skills to life-saving hacks, the internet has always been a lifesaver.

The internet helped me to not only discover myself but rediscover myself. It educated me on topics that one usually learns about much later in life. Through the internet, I became conscious enough to be self-aware.

I have learned more from the internet than from any other place

Now, even though I am no longer a teenager but a functioning adult, I may not consume the internet the way I used to. However, it will always have a special place in my heart for it helped me when even I could not. 

Did you also have similar experiences growing up? Let us know in the comment section!

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