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Being a millennial, I am well aware of the struggles that every youngster has to go through. Some of these struggles involve easy tasks while others break you from inside. 

Letting go is one of them.

At a first instance, ‘letting go’ may sound like a very negative term but I beg to differ.

In my thoughts, letting go is the best thing to do if one wants to live an emotionally healthy life.

What One Has To Let Go

Holding on for long may cause pain and this phenomenon isn’t restricted to romantic relationships only.

Letting go is an expression generally used to signify detachment from the emotional burden involved in toxic relationships and people. These people may include parents, siblings, friends, extended family (even that annoying relative who keeps on asking, “Beta aage kya karne ka socha hai”) and acquaintances. 

Letting go is a phrase that may include emotional and non-living elements like work, desires, responsibilities, feelings, and aspirations.

If you know that something is acting as a burden on you and you cannot handle it anymore, let go.

Letting Go Isn’t Running Away

Most people are under the impression that when they let go of anything, either they are hurting others or they are running away from the situation.

It’s a wrong perception.

It is always important to identify the time when letting go becomes a necessity. Letting go should be the last thing to do (a hasty decision isn’t a good one). If a person lets go after trying their best then it becomes his/her legitimate right.

Letting go isn’t always moving away from the situation. It rather helps a person to take a short break from the existing, tortuous situation.

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Letting Go Helps Accept The Realities

Once a person decides to let go, he/she embraces and thinks over the realities of the past and the present.

This is exactly what one should do.

One can take an appropriate decision only when he/she comes to terms with his/her realities (exception: eating pizza on a diet) which is otherwise nearly impossible.

Emotional Maturity

Letting go is a decision which brings with itself detachment and emotional maturity. Once you know that letting go is a part of life and is good for mental health, it is going to add to your emotional maturity and will make you stronger than ever.

Letting go is just like a hot-steam spa. At the start, you may feel that the heat is going to burn your skin but by the end, you realize that you feel relaxed and happy.

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