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We’ve all been social media users long enough to know that there are both pros and cons to using these platforms. And in most cases, people are quite divided in their views on whether social media is really all that bad. 

But what about in terms of nurturing one’s creativity? Social media has made it easier for artists and creators to share their work and get more recognition for their efforts. Social media networking has even given so many artists the opportunities of a lifetime. 

In terms of the creative process, it allows you to get inspired by so many talented individuals online and exposes you to plenty of new ideas and themes to try out. 

Yet, even with all the benefits that these platforms have to offer, there is a downside to it as well.

In my opinion, social media has evolved into an unconquerable number game. And as a result, art, on its own,  has no real value now if not for the number of likes, shares and comments it manages to get.

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There is a lost sense of passion among artists, which is no longer rooted in trying to create something authentic and genuine. Instead, the creative process has been diverted towards what is trending and what will fetch them the most likes. 

This is, of course, not to say there aren’t those who create work that is true to themself. But the increased pressure to create something that will stand out amongst the crowd is definitely something to address. 

Social media seems to have emerged as an unsaid competition amongst artists — an attempt to outdo each other. It can become very consuming, and so, once again, the creative process is hampered. 

Even though promoting work has become so much easier nowadays, these platforms have also made it relatively easy to steal work. I’m sure, as social media users, we have come across work that was plagiarised without giving due credit to the original artist. 

But with all that being said, it is unlikely that these aspects will change any time soon. There will always be two sides to using social media platforms. 

However, it is essential for anyone passionate about what they create to remember that social media should not dictate your passion for your art and your originality. The minute it starts to hinder your creative mind, make sure to remind yourself of what’s really important.   

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