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These days, anyone with an Internet connection and a reasonable grasp of English has become an “intellectual,” a “critic.” Social media provides a free platform to shout your opinion on every little thing out into an abyss where, if you’re lucky, you might be taken notice of.

Everyone seems to feel the need to be a rebel, to play devil’s advocate, and to criticize simply for the sake of providing a contrary opinion. Whether they actually subscribe to this opinion or not is a different matter entirely.

This is a trait that seems especially prevalent in millennials. It can get very annoying since those who are extremely vocal on social media today are people who have been brought up in a largely middle-class setting, exposed to only a certain slice of life, and haven’t actually experienced many hardships themselves.

As a result, viewpoints get limited and tend to sound very whiny and entitled, especially when the person in question is talking about something far removed from their daily life and experiences.

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Simple, genuine appreciation has become a thing of the past. Every time a new book, movie, music video, view or opinion makes the headlines, everyone pounces on it through social media like famished animals to deconstruct it to the bone from every possible angle, simply because having a “different” viewpoint would make them appear to be a thinker.

Just accepting that a work of art is good has become a sign of naivete- people are smirked at for doing so and are considered unopinionated.

However, by being so critical of everything, we are flooding our lives with negativity. Who are we to log onto Facebook and tell someone that their religious view is flawed?

It’s not like we have discovered any great Truth ourselves. If we don’t see something good in what we read online, but not anything particularly offensive either, why can’t we behave like dignified adults and just move on instead of descending into a pointless spiral of trolls and clap backs?

Before we decide to announce our disdain for something out to the world over the Internet, it is important to remember that there are feelings of other human beings involved, too. We are not just talking to a blank wall.

We need to take into account the amount of hard work that went into creating a particular piece, or the experiences of a person who voiced a particular opinion before we decide to denounce it. If we talk without thinking, what is the point of posing as an “intelligent” person?

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