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Breakfast Babble: I’m An Anti-Social Extrovert And I Like Being One

I'm the guy who likes to party. In his pyjamas.


Breakfast Babble: ED’s own little space on the interwebs where we gather to discuss ideas and get pumped up for the day. We judge things too. Sometimes. Always. Whatever, call it catharsis and join in people.

The life of an anti-social extrovert is the one which might perplex you at every possible social interaction that you have with him/her.

So, me being an anti-social extrovert (what a long word to say) would like to lay some facts, clear the air and see if we all leave with a happy ending (pun intended).

First things first: I’m not an ambivert. I don’t have a clearly polarized mindset about social interaction. What I do have is a whole lot of confusion about the “ifs” and “buts” of social interaction.

Scenario 1: “Do I go out? Sure, let’s get this party started.”

Scenario 2: “But what about that work thing in a couple of days? Oh, f**k.”

These 2 scenarios which dwell between my idea of struggling to cope up with a periodic need of “letting it loose” and yet realizing that my responsibilities should be my prime priority (“adulting”, as we call it) is a dilemma that I face almost everyday, times 20.

I believe the inherent need to socialize should come with its limits where my circle isn’t breached, where my ignorance is welcomed and where I don’t need to connect on a substantial level with 30 people in a room full of.. 30 people.

Anti-Social Extrovert

But then again, I’m nice enough to wish them a “Hi” with a little smile to make sure I’ve done my job of not offending people.

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But that all seems a little negative, doesn’t it? It seems like an added pressure, a burden which needs to be relieved or a protocol which needs to be adhered to in order to validate my social role in a community of almost n number of psychologies, doesn’t it?

To me, it’s not. And that’s the beauty of it.

Let me tell you why I like being an anti-social extrovert:

Sure, there are people who don’t get me. But the ones who do know that when I’m not in my fortress of solitude, I’m the one guy they know they can rely on to either liven up a party with my friends or to have a heart-to-heart conversation with.

Secondly, I always text back. Haha. So, hang in there because you’re not alone, my friend.

I change plans, I cancel plans, I plan ahead and I’m lazy. All at once. But I do love my work, my friends and the people around me and I believe in giving back to the people who I share a connection with.

Regardless of the negativity around, I try to spread some smiles. That’s not a bad thing, is it?

So if you ever feel the need to party, you know who to call because I’d definitely show up.

I might just show up in my pyjamas, though. Who needs pants to have fun, right? PUN TOTALLY INTENDED.

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Sahib Singh
Sahib Singh
Learner. Seasoned debater. Dreamer. Achiever. Narcissist. Connoisseur of politically incorrect jokes. Heavily opinionated blogger and tends to spit fire with words. Master of sarcasm, dank memes and the art of pun-making. Extremely confident lad with a penchant for professionalism.


  1. Because you’re an anti-social extrovert, you won’t have many friends for long. And so, I want nothing to do with you. In fact, I’d rather be with asocial introverts any day because I can relate to them.


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