Before I rip this song apart piece by piece, it’s important for us to acknowledge that the term “cringe pop” is supposed to denote songs which are so bad that that they’re good. On the other hand, Aunty Ki Ghanti and Aunty Ki Ghanti Part 2 by the man of the hour (infamously), Om Prakash Mishra were royally terrible.

They made me cringe and that’s pretty much it.

So, “Why a sequel?”, you ask and “Why not?” is probably the answer the man gives.

Why I’m Pissed Off:

Om Prakash Mishra is a master tactician, if you ask me. The man knows his fan base, all too well. It’s like watching a tactician as good as Jose Mourinho who deployed Real Madrid’s Pepe as a Libero against Barcelona and triumphed. Here, we’re Barcelona and we’re being beaten.

We’re being beaten because we’re buying the terrible music that Om Prakash Mishra is selling to us and we’re too passive to discuss the dynamics of the situation that how an apparent brand of cringe pop is slowly becoming a brand of just.. bad and tasteless pop music.

Why The Lyrics Are A Problem For Someone Who’s Not Even A Feminist:

Fine, I dismiss the first one (Aunty Ki Ghanti) as a cringe pop attempt for a while, okay. But the 2nd song has been made in full consciousness. It has been made after realizing the market potential and brand capability of this seemingly retarded individual who’s trying to provide an explanation for his lyrics in Aunty Ki Ghanti Part 2 by saying that when he sings, “Bol na aunty aau kya? Chocolate waala luau kya?”, he is merely referring to bring home a chocolate cake.

Aunty Ki Ghanti Part 2

So, okay. Detail the real meaning of the following lyrics in your song:

“Chaltey huye bum hila rahi hai”, “Aunty ka gol gol hai”, “Karwaane ka shaunk aunty ko roz hai”, “Hot lagey mainu aunty ka SAAAXXYY figure hai” because that’s how you pronounced it.

I refuse to buy your shit, dude. I do.

And I’m not even a misguided 3rd wave feminist like your friend from Quint Neon who made you so popular among us, you untalented and mindless twat.

I’m not here on moral policing duty but what I’m about to tell you if you ever get to read this is that even if your marketing game is better than most upcoming artists, you’re terrible and you make plain, bland, crass, puke-worthy, diarrhoeic music which I’d never listen to twice even if I’m paid a million bucks for it.

Take-Aways From Aunty Ki Ghanti Part 2 And The Gimmick Of Om Prakash Mishra:

The exodus of people from admiring good music to a place where they await cringe pop music in order to trend it and make “internet sensations” and memes out of it has increased exponentially and folks like Dhinchak Pooja (who even made it to Bigg Boss), Emiway Bantai and Om Prakash Mishra have tremendously capitalized on this dangerous demographic of dimwits.

It’s not fun and games, anymore. Om Prakash Mishra is actually serious in the song and the amount of green paper which has gone into the video production and studio quality of the audio version of his song is a living proof that.

He is a self made star, sure. BUT AT WHAT COST?

He’s trying to put up a politically correct and dignified image by regularly releasing videos and justifying his lyrics by detailing the meanings which have no double meanings or double entendres to them and I don’t understand who’s a bigger idiot here: Him or us?

Does this twat really expect us to believe his load of shit and is he actually that “innocent” or is he just playing and pranking us and we can expect Ashton Kutcher to pop out anytime and tell us that we’ve been Punk’d?

These questions are dangerous, coming from a millennial like me. Why? Because even I’m confused about this guy. He’s happy producing shit music but he doesn’t realise its impact on the youth, much attributed to his self-marketing gimmick.

We’re being played y’all, we’re being royally played.

As much as it pains me to admit it, the song Aunty Ki Ghanti Part 2 will be a viral hit just like its predecessor.

Perhaps, sooner or later, we’ll come to our senses and realize that in the midst of sensationalizing cringe pop, we institutionalized bad pop music.

The rant rests, for now.

Don’t let this guy get popular.


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