In a recently discovered cave within an old cemetery in Beit She’arim, Israel, the “cursed tomb” was discovered. This is the first tomb to be found at the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 65 years, according to reports. A tomb bearing a blood-red warning to anyone attempting to enter it has been found by archaeologists in the site.

Researchers only recently learned about the cave. However, more recent research has revealed tiny caves inside the larger one. The tomb was deemed a major discovery by the archaeologists because it was the first ever in the heritage site to identify a deceased person as a convert.

A strange statement warning people not to open the tomb was engraved on it in red. The blood red curse read – “Yaakov Ha’Ger vows to curse anybody who would open this grave, so nobody will open it. 60 years old.”

Although the origin of the warning is unknown, an archaeologist from the University of Haifa claimed that the message was carved to ensure that the dead people’s final resting place was left undisturbed.  The term “Yaakov Ha’Ger” signifies  Jacob the proselyte, often known as a convert to Judaism.

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According to Adi Erlich, one of the archaeologists on site, the inscription could be from either the Byzantine Period or the Roman Era.

In the words of the archaeologist, “The inscription is from the late Roman or early Byzantine period, in which Christianity was strengthened. And here we find evidence that there are still people who choose to join the Jewish people.

We know of converts in the Roman period mostly from funerary contexts, such as first-century AD Jerusalem, or third to fourth-century AD Rome. But this is the first proselyte from Beit She’arim, and they are not well attested from that time in Galilee. So this is real news.”

Erlich also added that the cave in which the “cursed” inscription was discovered has been blocked for the time being. There are no further plans of excavating the site for now. The inscription has been kept safe and shall be handled with care.

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