It is shocking to see the Blood Art studios on the streets of Tamil Nadu doing so well with their business. More shockingly, students and adults are willingly donating vials of blood at these studios just to gift a portrait painted in blood to their loved ones.

The state government recently announced that the practice of “blood art” will be banned in Tamil Nadu and that strict actions would be taken against anyone found to be illegally extracting blood to paint portraits for their customers.

What Is Blood Art

As suggested by the title, “blood art” is the art produced with blood. Artists in Tamil Nadu used the blood of their customers to paint pictures of their loved ones.

It was considered a gesture of showing one’s affection towards another in Tamil Nadu, but the state government asserts that it is a very dangerous and foolish practice for the people. Some studios also claimed that the amount of blood required to sketch a portrait is based on how deep the customer’s love is for his or her significant other.

Health Minister Bans Blood Art 

The state government issued a ban on the practice of blood art in Tamil Nadu and stated that legal action would be taken against artists and customers found involved.

Mr. Ma. Subramanian, the Minister for Health in Tamil Nadu, told the media, “A new culture of drawing blood and drawing portraits has been in vogue in Tamil Nadu. It is condemnable. Blood donation is sacred. Drawing blood for such frivolous purposes is not acceptable.” 

He also said, “Collecting blood for the purpose of creating art should be stopped from today. Blood is used to save countless lives, and is not the only medium for painting. Therefore, blood art centres will be banned in the state, and anyone violating these rules will be subject to serious action.”

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Health Concerns 

The Health Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Subramanian, asserted that the decision to ban the practice of blood art in the state was taken by the government after considering the safety of the people. He said, “A lot of lives are saved by blood donation and it is not appropriate to use it in art. Doctors and other medical professionals utilise the proper needle and technique while collecting blood from a patient and also preserve the blood effectively. However, blood collected for painting is not properly preserved, and since multiple patients can have their blood drawn with the same needle, dangerous viruses like HIV may affect them.” 

M. Venkatachalam, a phlebotomist and blood bank trustee in Salem City, claimed, “Only a lab technician, phlebotomist, nurse or physician is permitted to insert a needle into a human body. I cannot understand why people want to risk drawing blood at art studios.” He added, “People are running the risk of getting Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and also HIV as these viruses are transmitted through blood and other body fluids.”

Psychologist Cindhu Menaka thinks blood art is not a very healthy gift to give to one’s partner. She said, “People may think engraving their partner’s name in blood on their arms and legs or drawing portraits with their blood is symbolic of true love. In reality, it is more symbolic of obsession.” She added, “it is a sign of obsessive behavior, of possessiveness. It can lead to controlling behavior in a relationship. So I would want the recipient of such a portrait to be careful in the relationship.”  

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