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blintn open ups the collaboration scene for global media professionals


Delivers insights and generates active communications between Media Content Producers in the US, China, and Korea. 

One of the most noted industries in 2020 with a high growth rate was the Media Entertainment Industry. Among them, the demand for media content such as Films and Televisions (Variety shows, Dramas, etc.) has especially proliferated amid the lock down situation caused by COVID-19. Which lead to the acceleration of the development within the industry.

The most noteworthy point of the industry is that the accessibility to Media Content of various countries has intensely increased thanks to SVOD-based streaming services. And this has arisen the needs for various collaborations across countries. 

To meet these needs, blintn, a Global Platform for Production Funding and Content Distribution, hosts webinars on selected topics every month to promote practical trade-offs and collaboration among global media industry professionals. 

Following the “Effective Collaboration Strategy with Korean Producers” webinar delivered by a famous Korean producer (October 2020) and “Chinese Film Industry Trends” delivered by the CEO of Wanda Media (November 2020), in the latest webinar (December 2020) Daxing Zhang, a veteran producer with 30 years of experience in Hollywood participated as a speaker delivered the insights on ‘Korean Content’s Hollywood Entry Strategies in the age of K-Content Globalization’. His notable films includes “The Matrix(1999)”, “Charlie’s Angels(2000)”, “Red Cliff(2008)”, “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor(2008)”, “Man of Tai Chi(2013)”.

All three webinars were successfully held and has contributed to helping producers from different countries better understand each other across language and cultural barriers. In particular, the most recent webinar was attended by famous Korean production companies that are receiving global attention, demonstrating their keen interest in the global entry of Korean content. 

In regard to the purpose of this webinar series, an official from blintn said, “We have witnessed the remarkable growth of Media Content and it is becoming easier to access to the great content of all countries. This means no more barriers for content and that collaboration between talented producers from different countries should be more actively done, and for effective collaboration deeply understanding each other must precede.”

Meanwhile, blintn’s next webinar will invite director Weiwei Si, who has hands-on experience in both China and the UK with credits that include ‘Skyfall’, ‘Bleeding Steel’. For years, he actively worked as production crew in many Hollywood Blockbusters and also on international co-productions, feature films, web-based films and Chinese and international TV series. An Upcoming webinar will concentrate on the subject of “The production know-how from the West and The future of the Asian IP”. It is planned on next month and the more information regarding the webinar registration will be updated through blintn’s linkedin account 

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Phone number: +82 70 7893 3808

Website: https://www.blintn.com/


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