After leaving behind the toxicity of 2020, the start of 2021 was expected to be optimistic and full of joy. But the reality is far from it.

Today, we saw the topic #BiggestRevelationof2021 trending on Twitter.  

A tweet said, “Prediction of Nostradamus about The Messiah Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Nostradamus has said with certainty that the Chyren, who will appear, is not known yet, but he is not a Christian or a Muslim. He will only be a Hindu.” 

Such a headline attracted netizens and soon the hashtag #BiggestRevelationof2021 was trending on the bird app. It’s been 9 hours since they posted about this topic and surprisingly, this post has been retweeted by 1.9k people.  

The mystery of the saviour of the world

Let us understand the entire matter and what it is all about.

Who Is Nostradamus And Why Do People Believe In His Prophecies?

Nostradamus was a French philosopher and physician. He was born in the 16th century. His prophecies earned him a lot of fame and because of that, he also gained a lot of followers. He accurately predicted some crucial events in history.

The rise of Adolf Hitler, the 9/11 attacks, and many more are among his famous prophecies. However, not all of them have been true.  

Who Is Saint Rampal?

Saint Rampal came a long way, from being an engineer to a ‘self-proclaimed’ successor and reincarnation of Kabir.

Saint Rampal is a convicted spiritual leader. In 2018, he was sentenced to life in jail for a murder case.

He worked as an engineer in the irrigation department of Haryana for 18 years. He left his job to become a full-time preacher.

He was in the news a few years back for defying the Punjab and Haryana High Court and trying to evade his arrest. 

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The Irony Of Our Country And Its People 

It’s ironic here that people believe that the person who is convicted of murder will save the world and is regarded as a ‘messiah’.

It is disheartening that in the 21st century, the people of our country blindly believe in these ‘dhongi babas’ and support them even after knowing that they are nothing but criminals. Even in 2021, our society is believing the superstitions created by people.  

All the followers of these people are not uneducated or illiterate, the same way we accuse the millions of protesters against the government to be. These people don’t follow them for religious preaching or to listen to shlokas from the Gita, as there are a lot of other sources and more reliable ones.

There must be some reason that educated people are following these saints and babas blindly. It goes beyond science and simple logic and involves a lot of psychological manipulation, the same reason we attribute the Holocaust to.

These saints come and go like YouTubers, but in the very same way, everyone wants to get into a growing business and get a piece of it for themselves. In the past few years, we have seen a lot of them making headlines and not for very good reasons.

So, do you think they will save us from the coronavirus, terrorism, or themselves?

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