Being A Jio User, Are You Feeling Cheated By The Recent Charge On Calls Which Were To Be Free For Lifetime?

The era of freebies is gone! Recently, Reliance Jio has started charging extra amount for making calls to other mobile networks. 

In a recent statement, Mukesh Ambani said that the company was ‘compelled’ to start charging its over 350 million users to recover the six paise a minute interconnect usage charge.

The decision was taken because this is the amount the company has to pay to other telcos. As long as the regulator is charging money from the telecom industry, the company will charge money from its consumers.

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Despite making promises of providing users with lifelong free calls and free internet connections, now our favourite Jio is breaking its promise. 

While a group of people felt badly cheated by the move of Ambanis, others saw the change as a harmless event where one has to pay only a rupee to talk for 15+ minutes. 

What is the actual situation? Let us find out in this video!

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Sources: The Economic Times, Twitter

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