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The Beast: A Moving Castle


Marking a great achievement in Indian history and PM Modi’s political career, US President Barack Obama has finally arrived in India on a three day visit. He is here for the 66th Republic Day celebrations, making him the first US president to attend India’s Republic Day parade and first sitting US president to visit the country twice.

President Obama Meets With Prime Minister Narendra Modi Of India At The White House


With power comes the fear of safety; hence there is a lot of hype around the security of Mr. Barack Obama. To ensure this, the team accompanying Mr. President includes his Air Force One Airplane, a fleet of 500 US secret service agents and his one of the strongest,  five hundred thousand US dollars, car- THE BEAST.

General Motors and International Armoring Corporation have specially modified a Cadillac limousine for him which is called as The Cadillac One or “The Beast”  and now follows him wherever he goes.



The exterior of the car resembles a lot to the normal Cadillac DTS which is built on truck chassis to counterbalance its weight of almost 8 tonnes and has got the strength of a tank.

You must be wondering why we call it the world’s strongest car. Well this is the answer.


The car provides a comfortable seating to seven and its body is made of ballistic hardened steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramic multilayer reinforced body. The 8-inch thick bulletproof doors weigh same as a Boeing 757 cabin door. Fuel tank can withstand a direct hit thanks to a special foam and armor-plating. A 5-inch steel plate also runs underneath the car in the event that a bomb is placed there.


The windows are 5 to 6 inches thick, bomb-proof, and can withstand armor-piercing bullets. The driver’s window is the only window that opens and is restricted to only 2.75 inches and only a trained CIA agent sits on the driving seat of the car.


Car also has a lock-safety mechanism which seals off the entire car similar to a bank vault in case of any emergency or any biological attack. The Beast has Goodyear tires with aramid reinforced fiber and special Kevlar-coating allowing it to continue at high speed even when punctured or any gas leak is there.

The list isn’t over yet. The Beast also includes night vision cameras, tear gas cannons and pump-action shotguns, a mini blood-bank, breathable air cylinders and fire-fighting equipment.


The car has 8-litre engine which enables it to reach a top speed of 96.5 kmph and can touch this top speed mark in 15 seconds. The car gulps oil at a very rapid pace and makes only 3.38 kms for every litre of fuel.

US-Päsident Obama

While being in the limo, Obama can still work and stay connected since the car includes a laptop with secure Wi-Fi capabilities and a satellite phone with a direct line to the Pentagon and the Vice President.


However, PM Narendra Modi uses a BMW 7-Series 760Li Security Edition with VR7 grade of ballistic protection, gas-safe chamber cabin, self-sealing fuel tank and advanced heat sensors to identify any bombs or missiles. The 6.0L BMW engine churns out 544 bhp and the light weight of the car allows it to reach 0-100 kmph in mere 6.1 seconds; the top speed being 210 kmph but the Beast generates more momentum. Mr. Modi’s car can also survive gun shots and grenades but it is not as terror-proof as Mr. Obama’s ride is.


Seems like Mr. Obama not only gave the US and the world a lot with his ideas, but also a lot to the motoring industry and car enthusiasts.

-By Kartik Chaudhary



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