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Be Enthusiastic In Work Even After Failure – Sheetal Vegda


Failure is something from which we get easily and extremely scared. Most of us are not able to handle the pain of failure and eventually we end up closing that failed chapter instead of working on it. The thing which we need to fit in our mind is that after every failure we learn new things and become stronger and smarter. “Because of failure or disappointments never lose enthusiasm from your work because failures are the lessons, you learn from.”  This line is the moral and ethics of Sheetal Vegra who is working as an actor in her own production house, Manzeel Entertainment as well as she has also started her own website, onetimeday.

She is born and brought up in Rajkot. She has also hosted many TV channel shows and has taken interview of politicians, TV actresses and Bollywood actors. Isn’t it fascinating that you get an opportunity to take interviews of entertainment stars!!!

Not only this, she also got verified on various social media platforms like Moj, Roopso, Josh, Mobistar and sharechat.

If we worship our work with full of hope and belief then we can surely achieve anything. The thought process of Sheetal Vegda is same. She worships her work with full dedication, motivation and belief. This is a stepping stone to success.

She is just 25 and has done so many things till now. Her enthusiasm to do her dream work is in the highest level. It was difficult for her to manage studies and work together but where there is a will there is a way so she found the way out to do her work.

The dream of her life is to work in Hollywood and to create her own beauty line, which is a phenomenal thing.

When asked for the message to the youth she said to be unlimited. As you all can see her entire journey that she is truly limitless. Her journey is an inspiration to the youth.

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