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Here are the barriers Anthony Agyeman and Megan Shears’ company AMZ Handsfree faced before becoming a successful venture


There has been an explosion of e-commerce business across the globe which has witnessed an upward trend in online shopping in recent years. With the availability of the internet, products are just a click away and many online sellers have made a mark in the e-commerce industry. AMZ Handsfree, a business service founded by Anthony Agyeman and Megan Shears is working closely with Amazon. It has become the ultimate platform for all the online sellers who want to sell their products on the e-commerce website. Right from guesswork to handling product research, the company takes care of everything before starting an account for the sellers.  

While there are many challenges in the e-commerce industry, coping up with the latest market trends remains one of the important challenges today. Besides this, Anthony even spoke about the barriers before establishing AMZ Handsfree. He said, “The biggest barrier that we faced before starting AMZ Handsfree was we could not make multiple accounts on Amazon. We wanted to create more stores and later found a way to help people who could sell their products on Amazon. Also, it is important to keep track of the products that are trendy and in demand.”

The entrepreneur began his journey at the age of 16. When it comes to high-ticket drop shipping, this man is a pro in it. It was in 2016 he launched a clothing line after which he became an expert in the online sales. AMZ Handsfree also provides different services to clients like Amazon dropshipping, Amazon Private Label and Amazon Wholesale. The complete process of becoming an Amazon seller via AMZ Handsfree is pretty simple. The clients who are beginners will get guidance on how to create Amazon Central Seller account after which they can choose the category of products they want to sell on Amazon.

Megan further stated that many clients who became online sellers through AMZ Handsfree have generated 8-figure income at a very young age. She was all praises for Anthony and said, “It is good to see him share his knowledge about online shopping by conducting webinars. He is leaving no stone unturned in taking AMZ Handsfree to a completely new level in the e-commerce industry.” The company has gradually got its grip and is dominating in providing the best services to the Amazon sellers. Mr Agyeman lastly concluded that Amazon sellers will increase in the coming years as the rise of selling products online is increasing at a very rapid pace.

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