The dairy brand recently released a cartoon wherein the members of the band: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook can be seen indulging in buttered toasts being served by the famous Amul girl.

The said cartoon posted on Amul’s official Instagram page

With the upcoming release of BTS’ second English single ‘Butter’ on May 21, BTS’ fandom, lovingly known as Army, has barely been able to calm down.

a tweet with a beautiful fan art

The plethora of emotions that the fandom has been going through is understandable since it’s BTS we’re talking about, after all. 

BTS has endowed us with not just sweet melodies and heartfelt words, but also ethereal visuals. BTS is indeed a whole package. 

Amul’s Latest Topical

Butter’ has been trending worldwide ever since the band announced its release. 

And now, to augment the lively chatter online, Amul, India’s leading dairy brand, has made an entry into the already overwhelmed fanbase over BTS’ upcoming single.

No shocker, really! BTS’ Indian fanbase is enormous as is. Top brands are ready to rope in and be a part of the euphoric army.

The cartoon has BTS in all its glory. Certain idiosyncratic features have been incorporated to let the fans figure out exactly who is who in the carton. 

The colorful mics have not gone unnoticed either. Adding to the allure of the worldwide famous boyband, the dairy brand has done justice to the band’s upcoming single.

Wordplay At Its Finest

The cartoon has captivated us all with its top-notch wordplay. 

“BeaTS other butters!” 

“Amul — K-pop it onto bread!”

Amul is not here to play around. The brand is a strong supporter of the band as can be seen from the cartoon itself.

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After Effects Of The Move

Any and every brand knows that once you support BTS, the support you’ll get in return from the entire fanbase is phenomenal. 

Our fandom strictly believes in reciprocating tenfold. That is to say, our Bangtan boys are to remain untouched. 

You will have to deal with us firsthand. 

Now that I have successfully threatened the entire human race on behalf of the BTS army, I’d like to shift your attention towards the loving, overwhelming, euphoric, high-strung reactions of the fanbase that can never remain composed.

Army not surprised

First of all, as soon as the cartoon was posted on the brand’s social media handles, Army went berserk. 

And this crazy was not the conventional crazy you encounter. No, the level of crazy that the Army reached was, simply speaking, phenomenal, with fans from India and worldwide resharing the post until the limit was reached. Some even took to making whole new accounts to make the cartoon known to the world. 

And the memes went out of hand, like always.

baby V with Hobi in the bg
BTS to Army to BTS
ready to toss our diets out of the window
flying up high like the band
world domination indeed
alexa play FIRE

The ones who were (astonishingly) not fans of the band too shared the adorable cartoon wholeheartedly. 

Apart from the showers of uwu that we all went through, this cartoon has also been interpreted as a testament to the band’s growing global popularity.

Not that much of the globe is left to be covered by the band anyway. 

The Trending ‘Butter’ 

Butter’ became one of the trending keywords across the globe which comes as no surprise since fans have been at it 24×7. 

The Internet has been brimming with fan edits of the same.

Kookie being as excited as the lot of us
we be breaking our own records everytime
breakfast is served
the memes keep rolling and so do we
an adorable fanart
naughty fans at it as well
yet another talented army with a cute fanedit
promotion smooth as butter

Dashing RM, worldwide handsome Jinnie, blazing Suga, dope J-hope, adorable Chimchim, goofy V, and delightful Kookie, devouring Amul butter while being served by the Amul girl herself.

Sighs. The fandom can’t keep calm. Nor is it expected of them.

The Origin Of It All

The band live-streamed a video of a melting butter cube for an hour last week. Odd? Not for the fandom.

the tension between the cryptic video and the fanbase watching it passionately

We have been accustomed to these oddly refreshing antics of the band. The creative head of the band is also to be lauded along with the Army’s patience.

With nothing but a cube of melting butter on the screen, Army did not back out. Wondering how many of us watched the cryptic video with absolutely no information?

I’ll let you know that it had about 14 million views on YouTube! Daebak! 

This was all that we got at the moment. But it was enough for the Indian fans.

Butter’s not the only thing that’s melting
Army dissing the antis while at it

ARMY in India took to social media demanding a BTS x Amul collab with so much loyalty and singlehanded dedication towards the band, it finally got to the notice of the dairy brand.

The Group Of Firsts

The boy band is the first-ever K-pop group to be nominated for a Grammy in the ‘Best pop duo/group performance.’

Adding to that, BTS is also the first Kpop group to be featured on TIME magazine’s cover and (to no surprise)  to deliver a speech at the United Nations.

That being said, the band has not only worked extra hard to be where they are, their fandom has also supported and loved them unconditionally. 

As defensive and doting as the fandom is of the 7 boys, the boys are equally, if not more, of the fandom. This mutuality is what has led to the band also being the first to steal hearts of the Army (of all sorts of genders, age groups, and linguistic preferences) all over the world.

A rare picture of me trying to calm myself down after BTS’ Butter update

Image Source: Google Images

Sources: Stanford Arts Review, Indian Express, India TV News

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