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Is The Bad Overtaking The Good In The World? Let’s Find Out


Negativity, hatred, chaos. All the essential ingredients which you need to make the world a not-so-happy place to live in, with the argument stretching as far as the inference of all the bad overtaking the good things in the world, and rightly so.

We’ve come a long way from being neanderthals but we haven’t learnt much, have we? We think we evolve, but do we really? We think we become better, but do we really?

All these questions shall be answered (or at least I’ll try my best), following which we’ll realize how the bad overtaking the good in the world has indeed become a startling reality.

Bad Overtaking The Good

I’m going to elucidate my arguments with 4 prime examples so here goes the list:

#1. Dirty Politics:

The perfect oxymoron.

What we learn from this except its lexical digression is the idea of politics now serving as a means of propaganda and not governance.

No more is politics about the struggle of power and electoral mandate, it’s more about swaying the masses and & gaining believers who’d kill to prove others wrong which somehow might result in an electoral victory. The 21st century has seen world leaders who will breach all borders to institutionalize hate speeches, racism (which will be explained later), war crimes and everything bad that your mind can possibly think of.

Not even gonna say anything.

What’s worse? We elect them.

#2. Racism Still Exists And Is Looming At Large:

3 words and I can settle this argument before you make your stupid case about the world being more tolerant and those 3 words are: BLACK. LIVES. MATTER.

A classic example of how the world’s most influential and leading country still has to go under the scanner for police brutality against those of a different color and most of the enforcers of this brutality are acquitted with no consequences.

Coming to their Eastern counterparts, the practice of treating the fair skinned as messengers of God himself has been common but by now, one’d think that this practice might have been negligibly prevalent but hey, Indians advertise, promote and use fairness creams and discriminate against the black population, despite being brown.

#3. The Abomination That We So Proudly Call The “Millennial Culture”:

Hey, man. I’ve tried to defend the millennial generation (in my article which can be read here) but this is a roller coaster which has no “Stop” button for its idiocy and ridiculousness.

When we talk about the bad overtaking the good, we see that this generation is becoming a monolith of degenerate, snobbish, superiority complex-plagued assholes who have an inherent sense of entitlement in all aspects of their uninteresting, hipster-inspired emo life where their egocentrism puts them on Cloud 9 and they only focus on their problems, which are petty as hell (can’t even take criticism with a pinch of salt).

They are born and continue to live with zero sense of the real world.

#4. The Birth, Life And Death Of Feminism:

The world saw the birth of the 3rd wave of feminism and there was hope for all the females who have been put down by the largely archaic and patriarchal social constructs of the society.

But wait, we had to screw it up.

We brought up classes. We brought up white feminism (What’s up, Taylor Swift?), we brought up Caucasian feminism (What’s up, lovely Westerners?) and we witnessed the murder of a beautiful and liberating movement accompanied by its transformation into global feminazism due to a lack of understanding and propagation of false, elitist ideologies which somehow promote selective sexism.

Anyway, with a heavy heart, I shall terminate my list and control my marauding fingers because I could go all night and that would make me no different than the kind of people I’ve highlighted in my article.

For now, I shall lay down the facts and be content with the same.

Try and spread positivity. Not for the world, but for yourself.

This is not half-time pep talk. This is the need of the hour.

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