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Back In Time: When 13 Colonies Were Renamed To “The United States of America”


9th September 1776: The Continental Congress headed by Peyton Randolph declared that from now on the Thirteen Colonies which are ‘apparently’ under the rule of Britain will be called as The United States Of America.


The Continental Congress is trying to bolster their cause by holding up such and similar meetings. The first of it was held on September 5,1774 at Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It is very likely to say that these meetings are in response to “The Passage of the Coercive Acts” issued by the British Parliament in order to penalise the perpetrators of the Boston Tea Party.

The Continental Congress (also known as the Philadelphia Congress) has gradually emerged as the main governing body of the currently happening American revolution.

Who would have thought that just two years before when Benjamin Franklin tried to convince all the colonies to team-up and revolt against the Crown Rule, he was actually making sense?

It is not hidden that some of the delegates were initially unsure to break free from the Crown Rule but, after publicly asserting the Declaration Of Independence (drafted mainly by Thomas Jefferson) on July 4,1776, the Congress became the voice of the people.

The Declaration Of Independence was not opposed by even a single vote. Two months back, this Declaration By Independence by the people themselves, has spurred many into the patriotic heat. July 4 is likely to be known through many ages which are yet to come as significant.

Declaring the Thirteen Colonies as The United States Of America is merely an icing on the cake after that and is not unexpected.  It marks the success of the Continental Congress against the British parliament.

Remember the time when Britain had refused the colonies to be a part of their parliament after the slogan “No Taxation Without Representation” were reverberated in the corridors of America.

The people wanted to be treated equally as the British citizens but as they were denied the honour which was their right, they began to feel that it is not appropriate to pay taxes to the Great Britain.

Rightly so, if they don’t have anyone to speak for them in the Parliament, they will not give their hard-earned money to the government. This denial by Britain enraged these people which resulted in the Boston Tea Party incidence.

If the Britain had listened to them, then these colonies would still be called as the  British Colonies, but instead, they tried to curb the resistance by issuing Intolerable Acts.

This outraged many people which became the cause behind the formation of the Continental Congress. Now there is no Britain for the people. They take their own decisions for all the member colonies.

From that moment till today when the Continental Congress has renamed The Thirteen Colonies as The United States Of America, the people of America has come very far triumphantly but there are yet many things ought to be done.

There should be a governing body in the newly founded country of The United States to replace the Britain Rule that it is rebelling against and Britain officially should recognise The United States as a free state.

Till then let’s hope for the best and pray for brighter future.

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