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Author Stephen Ball recounts his occasionally disastrous foray into corporate life in Office Drone


Author Stephen Ball recently released his new novel, Office Drone, where he recounts his occasionally disastrous foray into corporate life. Ball was inspired to write Office Drone after realizing that readers all over the world could identify with and derive enjoyment from his experiences, mishaps, and shenanigans. He aspires to encourage others who struggle in an office setting, which can often be an isolating experience.

Office Drone describes Ball’s experiences as a fresh-faced actor looking to pad his pockets by dipping his toe into a traditional work environment. He quickly learns that money comes at an emotional and social cost as he flails his way through his first weeks on the job. Office Drone follows Ball’s attempts to remain sane and avoid becoming a robot trapped in a cubicle for forty hours a week. With coping strategies like, “Agreeing with the crazy person seemed like the best option,” Office Drone approaches interpersonal and office politics with a refreshing level of honesty.  

Fans of Office Space and The Office will love Ball’s self-deprecating sense of humor. With witty insights and hilarious anecdotes, Office Drone will appeal to a broad audience, especially those with an appreciation for comedy set in ordinary life. From cracking sarcastic jokes to the wrong person to grappling with nonsensical documents called Night Orders, Ball’s work is sure to keep readers laughing.

On a more somber note, Ball hopes that his work will motivate people to evaluate their personal lives and recognize the need for self-care. Ball notes that some of his former office-mates were so invested in their work that they left little time for anything else. While Ball believes that everyone has a right to prioritize differently, Office Drone is intended to challenge readers to think about the current status quo in their lives. Not everyone is suited for a deskbound career, and some time could be spent exploring additional interests or learning about less typical careers. The release of this book also coincides with a time when work-from-home rates are at an all-time high, so the author’s perspective could be helpful if the reader is reflecting on his current career choice.

Stephen Ball is an author, alumnus of York University, and office survivor. He lives in Brampton, Ontario with his family. Office Drone is available for purchase on

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