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Author, Samira Vivette, Puts a Twist on Poetry With Her Best-Selling Debut Collection


The Australian author and poet, Samira Vivette glorifies numerous themes with her pastel pink book. The debut book of Vivette, “Pastel Dreams and Glittered Hearts” is a series of different topics weaved into some dark and some light tales. The author draws inspiration from the unconventional ways of thinking and wraps the plethora of emotions into modern poetry and 10 contrasting themes. The best seller book includes the intentions of evoking the essence of confidence in today’s world and focuses on femininity for uplifting and empowering the women. 

The author fondly calls her creation ‘a mixed bag of candy’ with colors of candid emotions and the beauty of being messy. The versatile writing approach and poems is a collection of broken friendships, anxiety, depression, toxic love interests, and dark emotions. The poetic approach uses plenty of imagery to take the reader on a journey to many places and times, even if they haven’t felt them before. The debut interestingly displays the details of healing through darkness underneath the “pastel nature.”  

Each chapter highlights the sprinkle of “sweet” in its title and the chapter names have a “glittery” feel to them. The author questions and probes into the way women feel about themselves in the world where they are often strangled into the hustle of living up to impossible standards. Her words center on self-healing, unity, power, feeling strength and empowerment, and embracing the perspectives of feminine confidence. 

The chapter, “Friends, Cheesecake, and Poison” brings out the truths of unhealthy friendships and tragic effects; anxious thoughts and overthinking in “Whirlpool”, and the flashes of deep wounds in “Charcoal.” “Candy Kisses and Poisoned Lips” states the details of toxic love interests and harmful relationships. The entire book covers themes to pacify the dark souls and invoke comfort through the versatile collections of over 300 poems and prose.

The poems are written to make readers feel a kinship with the words. Each piece of the book unfolds a unique twist on modern poetry and manages to pull the heartstrings in the most effortless ways. The most awaited release of the book was declared the #1 best-seller in Australian and Oceanian Poetry on Amazon and #2 in Poetry by Women alongside Rupi Kaur within only 24 hours of its release.

Samira’s unique style of writing and honest probes has evidently reached hearts of poetry lovers all over the world and managed to impress the ones who read it for the first time. ‘Pastel Dreams and Glittered Hearts’ is available in paperback and Kindle editions from Amazon and major bookstores worldwide. She has also been substantially inspiring her fans on her Instagram page through motivational quotes and raising thoughts about some of the more darker themes.

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