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Author Fazle Chowdhury releases his first book on Iranian history


In 2018, Fazle Chowdhury released his first book on Iran, Promises of Betrayals: The History That Shaped the Iranian Shia Clerics, with the aim of providing an objective analysis of Iranian history. Along with a foreword by Martin Sieff, a three-time Pulitzer nominee for journalism and a former chief correspondent for The Washington Times, Chowdhury draws upon his own extensive experiences as a consultant in defense, health, and humanitarian programs in post-conflict areas.

Promises of Betrayals reflects Chowdhury’s expert knowledge and decades of lessons learned while advising organizations such as the United Nations and IBM. Chowdhury carefully examines key events that continue to impact Iran to this day, including Iran’s pre-WWI relationship with Britain, the reformations of the last Shah, and the CIA coup that toppled Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953.

Readers from a variety of backgrounds will appreciate Chowdhury insights and simple language. Although serious scholars of Iranian history will benefit from Chowdhury’s work, Promises of Betrayals can also be enjoyed by the average reader with a desire to learn more about Iran’s political, cultural, and religious roots. Instead of approaching issues separately, Chowdhury dissects the interrelated nature of forces and influences that have shaped the current state of Iran.

Reviewers describe Chowdhury’s work as politically balanced, illuminating, and provocative. Professors from prestigious academic institutions around the world hail Chowdhury as an authoritative author with a fresh perspective. Dr. Mohammed Ihsan of King’s College London writes that Promises of Betrayals offers “an impressive contribution to our understanding of the current regime in Tehran.”

Fazle Chowdhury is an author, management consultant, and university lecturer. He is a contributing writer for the Portuguese newspaper Expresso and an alumnus of Northeastern University and Harvard University. He can be found online at or on Twitter as @faslec.

Promises of Betrayals: The History That Shaped the Iranian Shia Clerics and Chowdhury’s other book on Iran, Revived Failure, are available for purchase on

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