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Author David Ralls Jr. releases a stunning thriller, titled ‘Since My Acquisition of the United States’


Author David Ralls Jr. has announced the release of his stunning debut thriller, Since My Acquisition of the United States, the first in a planned series of four installments. Ralls was inspired by his lifelong love of writing and his desire to portray a darker side of politics. He hopes that readers will recognize the realistic elements in his work and consider how they relate to the modern world.

Since My Acquisition of the United States follows the exploits of Holy lander Sir, an Austrian-born criminal who is tricked into buying the United States in an event known as the Big Lie. Sir becomes inadvertently trapped between several powerful international players, including the Monarch Brothers, who formerly leased the United States and continue to reside on the land. Sir must drive out the Monarch Brothers while establishing a shadow government to pass laws that increase his power. These laws and Sir’s deeds put the United States on the brink of war as world leaders begin to question Sir’s ability to maintain control. 

Adult fans of the Bourne trilogy and Game of Thrones will enjoy the fast-paced narrative and non-stop action in Since My Acquisition of the United States. Aside from its value as a highly entertaining work of fiction, Ralls’s novel also provides a dramatic new take on the concepts of espionage, government abuse of power, and the influence of wealth. His ability to create compelling sub-plots within the main storyline highlights Ralls’s versatility as an emerging thriller author. 

The initial response to Ralls’s debut has been overwhelmingly positive. Early reviewers describe it as “provocative” with “contemporary intrigue.” Since My Acquisition of the United States is available for purchase on and other major retailers. Sequels are in development. 

David Ralls Jr. is a 49-year-old writer of television shows, feature films, and novels. He lives and writes in Philadelphia.

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