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This inspiring author has written a self-help book that appeals to readers of various backgrounds


Author Phillip Anderson has announced the release of his debut self-help book, The Needs of the Heart. As he got older, Anderson realized the importance of emotions and principles and was inspired to share his healing message that emotions and principles have power. He hopes to use his gift for written language to fight back against negativity and empower others. 

The Needs of the Heart explores key emotions and principles that people may experience during periods of upheaval. Instead of simply dismissing those feelings, Anderson advocates for readers to embrace their emotions and understand the importance of adhering to principles. His lessons and anecdotes rely upon the common theme that the spirit is the true essence of the individual, even when the body or the mind is overwhelmed. 

In these tumultuous times, The Needs of the Heart is especially timely. Anderson teaches that it’s impossible to avoid negativity in this world, whether it’s civil unrest, economic depression, or personal tragedy. Instead, Anderson’s guide provides readers with the tools to effectively cope while continuing to put positivity into the universe. It is only through collective participation and commitment that goodness can triumph. 

Readers of all kinds, regardless of background or demographic, can benefit from the uplifting tone of The Needs of the Heart. By keeping an open mind and interacting with the text, the audience will learn how to overcome hardship and process their emotions in a healthy way. While writing, Anderson drew upon his own experiences, which is evident in his thoughtful presentation and sensitivity while exploring difficult topics. 

Phillip Anderson is an author and Morehouse College graduate with a passion for helping others realize the validity of their inner desires and the importance of self-love. He lives and writes in New York City. He can be found online at https://phillipandersonbooks.com/. 

The Needs of the Heart is available for purchase on Amazon.com.

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