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Australian Company Mega Mansions is Changing the Face of Luxury Real Estate Online


Mega Mansions is a global online real estate advertising company that facilitates the marketing of multi-million dollar luxury homes. Founded by Luxury Real Estate expert and entrepreneur Kian Vessal, the company has established itself as a prime source of the world’s most exclusive homes and properties. In his words, the inspiration behind Mega Mansions is “to showcase the world’s most exclusive homes that most people couldn’t see or experience”.

High-end properties featured and listed with Mega Mansions are most often architectural masterpieces designed by some of the most globally renowned and award winning architects such as SAOTA Architecture & Design, Zaha Hadid, Troy Adams, and Richard Landry. The homes that are featured range from modern and contemporary designs, as well as Gothic, Italian, and other innovative architectural styles.

Mega Mansions partners with well-known agents, agencies, developers and architects in bringing the most magnificent mansions and estates from around the world to lovers of luxury real estate. Some of their partners, reputable for their diligent expertise, vast experience, and extensive knowledge of the luxury real estate industry, include Trevor Kearney of Savills London, Ramtin Ray Nosrati of HE Properties, Dylan Tent of Sotheby’s International Realty, Emil Hartoonian of The Agency, and Engel & Volkers Americas, among others.

Among Mega Mansions’ top properties listings include a $16.5 million modern home in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia; an $8.25 million gothic castle overlooking the Mediterranean along Miami, Florida, United States; and an $11.7 million country estate from the 16th century in Loughton, United Kingdom.

Though based in Australia, their luxury listings of unique mansions are worldwide. Mega Mansions has been gaining a lot of recognition for its work and leadership in the luxury real estate industry as well as in the public. On Instagram, Mega Mansions has a well-established presence with over 2.4 million followers, which includes celebrities and athletes such as Lionel Messi, LeBron James, and Justin Bieber.

Last year, LeBron James was seen in various news outlets after he expressed interest in a $52 million Hollywood Hills mansion that was posted on the Mega Mansions instagram account where the basketballer had commented on the post. However, the contemporary exquisite mansion designed by the famed architect Paul McClean had, in fact, been sold back in January 2020 for $42.5 million. It was a masterpiece living space that had attracted interest internationally.

Mega Mansions has gained tremendous global recognition that brings immense online exposure to properties advertised by partners. It also provides a convenient platform for potential customers to connect with agents and purchase their dream property. Currently on the Mega Mansions website, there are luxury property listings in posh locations in cities such as Miami, Los Angeles, Gold Coast, and Essex.

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