India, since long, has been the tourism hotspot for foreigners from various countries. But in the recent past, India has earned a rather negative image in the minds of foreign tourists because of all sorts of violence happening against them.

Now how will you react if I make you aware of the ground reality that the offenses committed by the foreigners are thrice the atrocities committed against them? But why would those friendly looking “Gore Log” try to commit crimes in our Incredible India?


According to National Crime Record Bureau, between January 2014 and December 2016, a total of nearly 4000 crimes were committed by foreigners as compared to some 1200 committed against them.

But as compared to Indian nationals being tried as per provisions provided in the Indian Penal Code, foreigners are tried either under the Foreigners Act, 1946, and Passport Act, 1967, which do not attract that strict a punishment.


According to the data available for 2016, 11 murders were committed by foreign nationals. Similarly, 75 cases of cheating and 100+ cases of forgery and smuggling or selling banned drugs or narcotics were registered against them. Foreigners were accused in 12 cases of rapes too. Foreigners have also been part of white collar crimes such as cybercrimes.

Now what is interesting is that nobody has talked about these stats, neither any strict laws have been implemented to control these spates in the crimes being committed.

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The main reason for foreigners committing crimes in India is that foreign nationals commit a crime to illegally increase their stay in the country. Now the whole process of committing crimes and increasing their stay is pretty much interesting.

Whenever a foreigner lands in India, they are granted a visa for some specific time. If these tourists have the ulterior motives of extending their stay without extending their visa, then one way of doing this is to commit any crime, petty or serious.

Then somehow, they manage to secure a bail and as per Indian Law, the person acquiring bail is not allowed to leave the country. And this condition has only been a blessing in disguise for such foreigners.

And after securing bail, it is difficult to trace these foreigners as they tend to change their name and move to a different state.

Now crimes being committed by the foreigners are by no means an excuse for the violence committed against them. We are just raising the point that as much as the laws are stringent for any crime committed by an Indian national, the laws should be made equally strict for any foreigner. No discrimination based on nationality is what will drive our country to achieve the “Incredible India” status in the true sense.

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