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Arvind is the son I always wanted: Sonia Gandhi


SoniaG-300x192In a shocking revelation on popular TV show, Koffee with Karan, Sonia Gandhi admitted that Arvind Kejriwal is the son she always wanted.

Mrs. Gandhi was answering a question regarding any regrets she has in life. She told that she has lived a very fulfilling and satisfying life and is proud to be the queen bee in this Indian political system.

However, she broke down when Karan with his trademark gesture of hands dug more saying “Lovely Darling!!, Please go on.” She confessed that she is tired of her son and his antiques and it is costing her a fortune to pay Digvijay Singh for defending her son.

She carried on in tears and said that she would have given an arm and a leg to have Arvind (Kejriwal) as her son, but not the Lokpal Bill as this would be like asking for her head. She said that Arvind is intelligent, smart and even though being an IITian does not throw the concepts of ‘Escape Velocity’ to the poor Indian people who foolishly are still concerned with food, road and electricity problems.

She confessed that she is often lost in the dreams of a world in which Arvind is her son and does not suffer from the bad habit of trying to clean up the system and eradicate corruption. In her dreams, the mother son duo, takes on the world and help Italy to be the superpower with her being the queen of the world and employing Queen Elizabeth as her maid.

Mrs. Gandhi is in fact so irritated with Rahul, that she let out some of his personal habits, saying that, he wears the ‘pajama’ with a zipper because he still cannot learn the art of untying the string of his pajama to relive himself.

When Rahul Gandhi was approached by our reporter for his comments on his mother’s statement, he said and we quote “There are nine planets in the solar system and none of them have the same name”. Unable to comprehend a word he said, our reporter finally gave in.

The producer of the show, Mr Karan Johar has admitted that though the show is known for controversial statements and candid confessions by celebrities but this is by far the most shocking confession that he has ever heard.



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